I’m not allowed to contact Mrs. @MusicUnshackled either…because she’s DEAD.

You’d rather be butthurt-hunting tonight than eating fish sticks and custard with some slimy twat anyway, AMIRITE?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie



      One assumes that the Johnnie Walker Red Baron has ten working fingers and a full bladder to work with. Of course, I'd wait for Cousin Roy to confirm his MO because I'm a responsible journalist!

    2. Do Erich Schwenker, Carol Keen, Chris Geiger, Joe Thomae, Peter Young, Peggy Attwood, Cindy Lopez, and other managers at Canticle and Juniper Courts (and Cardinal Capital Management) realize the kind of liability they will incur when Bill Schmalfeldt ( William Munko ) attempts to batter or sexually assault innocent OurTime victims on Juniper Courts property?

      Asking for a friend.

      1. You mean, zero? Yes, I'm sure they're aware that they bear no liability for acts for which they bear no responsibility. Most people do grasp simple concepts like that.

  1. "Watch the mail."????? Is he going to fuck up service for his next suit like he did his last one? He really is DUMBF5CK!

    1. Important question. Just how and how soon will the Diminished Capacity Kid fuck up Lulzsuit VII: The Windy Plaintiff? I already have a pretty solid idea, but the possibilities truly are endless!

      On another note, the Maryland court will certainly be interested in the Cabin Boy's sudden ability to travel. #perjury

      1. LOLsuit VII will be Degenerations. I also have a bone to pick with the ED editors who list Hoge's suit as LOLsuit VII.

        Of course, if Bill's date goes well/badly enough we can look forward to LOLsuit HIV.

    2. How soon will he fuck up? The moment he starts typing. Then the lulz will be spectacular as he tries to sell everyone on the idea he isn't a dumbfuck and he has a solid case and people will pay.

      1. Whenever the Pee Freak In Chief declares that someone is going to pay, there's a reasonable chance that he just soaked his jumper.

        1. He can't contain his excitement! Clean up in Apartment 108! *press the white button

        2. Someday the great Norm Macdonald will describe the Pee-Freak in Chief with almost childlike glee. Until that happens, this will do.

    3. okeedokee! I'm watching the crap out of that mail. Not picking it up or anything, but I'm watching it like Cortez on the beach.

  2. Ya know, Defendant Dumbfuck, this one is going to end as a great big gob of fail, dripping off your face. Just like every other one of your grand schemes. But then, you're used to that, aren't ya?

    1. I don't think it's fail that's dripping off of Bladder Boy's face.

  3. Come on, Dumbfuck. Find a sharp object, stick it upright, lean forward, and put yourself out of your misery.

  4. I see that Defendant Schmalfeldt has returned to the cycle of threatening family members again. He is of the belief that going after innocent people will somehow work in his favor.

    I have a feeling that's not what will happen. In fact, I foresee it will end badly.

    1. Advertising impending third-party contact in violation of a stalking-no contact order probably isn't very smart. #Stalker #DUMBFUCK #Pee-Freak

      1. This is Defendant Schmalfeldt we're talking about. If intelligence managed to find its way into his head, it would leave due the mess. How does one become intelligent when all you think about is peeing on little boys and molesting cub scouts?

    2. Worse, this business of third party contact. That looks soooo pleasant and friendly, and not at all a violation of the plain text of restraining orders.

    3. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted: "Sad thing, I am not allowed to contact Mrs. @paulzkrendler to inform her of her hubby's at-work hobby. But, not EVERYBODY is bound as such."

      Yep. Mr. "Leave Family Out Of It" is (once again!) bringing family members into his abusive billshit games. And, he's threatening to use someone by proxy to do his harassing for him. And, lest we forget... this spouse is protected by a Stalking No-Contact Order.

      Oh. And, note how Blob acknowledges that not being allowed to PERSONALLY contact and harass this spouse gives him the sadz.

      What a sick, sick, demented f*ck.

      Just within the past week or so:

      (1) The Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt has filed two frivolous, lie-filled bar complaints against Attorney Aaron Walker who owned Blob's fat ass with the dismissal of Blob's most recent, vexatious LOLsuit.

      (2) The Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt has contacted Ash numerous times via her blog -- in direct violation of the Restraining Order she has against him.

      (3) The Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt has informed Ash to "watch the mail" as he has apparently mailed (or, will mail) something to her home -- in direct violation of the Restraining Order she has against him.

      (4) The Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt is pretty much admitting that he plans to make arrangements for someone to contact the spouse of Blob's twisted obsession -- in direct violation of the Stalking No-Contact Order she is protected under.

      We all knew the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt was going to do something stupid in an attempt to avenge his LOLSuit VI loss. But, damn. Stupid piled on top of stupid piled on top of more stupid piled on top of Mount Stupid.

      #stupid #stupid #stupid #stupid

      1. Very well stated, per always, darling Grace.

        Let's not forget the repeatedly adjudicated STALKER and HARASSER, BILL SCHMALFELDT also has the sadz about a prospective date taking the time to read enough of the filth the loathsome loser has fouled the internet with to wash her hands of the grotesque ghoul.

        1. Indeed, Dear Jane.

          The Internet is forever... and, it is NOT the repeatedly adjudicated STALKER and HARASSER Bill Schmalfeldt's friend.

          As we all know... the repeatedly adjudicated STALKER and HARASSER Bill Schmalfeldt has no friends.

  5. Paul not posting on weekends?

    Gone fishin', most likely.

    Most of us have real lives, Cousin, and don't spend 99% of our waking hours, including weekends, glued to our computer screens, like you do.

    1. That logic rates right up there with "It can't be my signature because it looks like my signature". What a DUMBFUCK

  6. Funny how the genius DF doesn't know that you can set a blog post up at one time, and tell the system to publish it a different, later time.

    Also he seems not to have considered the possibility that HZIC might works weekends. I've had jobs where I always worked the weekend (and got a nice bump to my hourly pay for it too).

    1. Upon reading your comment, LG... the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt asks himself –

      "Work? What is this 'work' thing of which the Dim Girl speaks?"

      #Lazy #Poor #Incompetent #Loser

  7. You suppose psycho Bill Schmalfeldt actually tells his wannabe rape victims his real name, or does he go with an alias like William Munko ?

    1. Public Domain Radio ‏@MusicUnshackled 3m3 minutes ago
      Some mighty fine stalking there, "One Eyebrow." I picture you in mommy's basement, searching the webz for aliases.

      LOL, Dear DUMBFUCK sociopath child-porn writer Bill Schmalfeldt,
      Since YOU are the one with NINE restraining orders against you in 6 states, YOU are the f5cking stalker.
      Since YOU are the one who got your email account yanked by Microsoft for child porn and/or malware, YOU are the f5cking stalker.
      Since YOU are the one who F5's websites while jerking your dysfunctional piss-soaked softmeat, YOU are the f5cking stalker.


  8. This is how I view Cabin Boy's filings:


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