Well, It’s News To Me

Apparently Virginia attorney Aaron Walker, currently serving as defense counsel in a federal defamation LOLSuit filed in Wisconsin last December, has agreed to represent the Plaintiff in that case in some other venue.

In an article at Bunnyboy Unread (safe link) Defendant Matt Osborne headlines his story “Attorney Defends Online Bullies and Stalkers of Children.”

Osborne does not mention if the Online Bullies and Stalkers of Children Walker is defending have been the subject of NINE orders of restraint in five states, including one preventing him from STALKING and BULLYING a three year old CHILD.

Given that Osborne’s co-defendant is none other than adjudicated online harasser, toddlerstalker and demented, cyberstalking DUMBFUCK Bill Schmalfeldt, one supposes the lack of thoroughness in the story could be excused as a dual matter of self-preservation and professional courtesy.

This reporter finds it facially difficult to believe that Attorney Walker would step up to defend such a loser dickbag, but perhaps today his better angels (and an astronomical upfront retainer) convinced him that even the Diminished Capacity Kids of society deserve a competent advocate after so many times failing on their own.

When contacted to confirm or deny the story earlier today, the only response from Mr. Walker was a gale of breathless, hysterical laughter and the sound of a phone hitting the floor.

Draw your own conclusions.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Well, It’s News To Me”

  1. Attorneys sometimes defend guilty clients; it's a constitutional right to have counsel in criminal cases. But I wouldn't expect the pedoketeers to understand the rule of law, even though between them there are at least NINE restraining orders that we know about, and decades of prison time.

  2. Remember the 200+ word sentence at the end of one of Bill's court filings? That's what the BU article reminded me of. It would be more efficient if he just wrote "I hate Aaron Walker and John Hoge" in big font, and just cut/pasted it 250 times.

  3. Aaron is trying to get an overly broad law, removed from the books. Osborne's own article mentions and links the fact that a similar law in NC was taken off the books. Not by the eveeel Republican legislature, but by the State Supreme Court.

    I actually don't know who is right about the law, but Aaron is not the only attorney interested in getting these laws off the books, and obviously it has very little to do with any harassment of the Kimberlin family, since there has been no such harassment.

    1. Details, details, details. Why read what his words actually say. Instead let's make things up out of whole cloth! It's much more fun that way. At least that's what Bunny Boy thinks.

    2. Any law that a pedophile domestic terrorist can swing around is probably faulty.

  4. I think BB an d BS need to reread AW pleading again, it is a very narrow pleading, and does not say what they think it does.

    1. The problem there is you used the word "think" when talking about BunnyBoy and ToddlerStalker. They don't think. They react like feral animals. If they were capable of rational thought they wouldn't be the failures they are.


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