7 thoughts on “Hey, Anybody Need A Stunningly Foolish Admission Against Interest”

  1. I am so enjoying watching Bill Schmalfeldt jump up and down on his own crank repeatedly. I think it will be especially funny to see WJJ Hoge use Bill's own statement that Bill was willing to travel to TN to be a witness to prosecute someone as proof that Bill is more than capable to travel, and any failure to present himself to a Maryland courtroom where he would be a defendant instead of just a witness would pretty much be an automatic loss on Bill's part. The PLM will be HHHUUUGGGEEE.

    1. I know very few actual 'right wing morons,' but the people who Bill thinks are morons are not in pain. Many are enjoying the show, some are energized to oppose the shutuppery he represents, and others are preparing to destroy him in court.

      1. I vehemently disagree with this this comment.

        I think it fair to say that Witless Willie HAS seriously annoyed some people and caused pain to others. The fact that he is a joke to many does not mean that his antics have been amusing to all. Ask the Hoges, the Stranahans, Lynn Thomas, Ash, BPO, agiledog, dianna, and David Edgren whether they have ever been annoyed or worse by Witless Willie.

        The whole social justice crew are perfectly willing to destroy the lives of people whose opinions the crew dislikes. Some of that crew advocate, at least implicitly, the rape or murder of those with differing opinions. For an example of just what people who believe in "social justice" are willing to do, some of the people whom Witless Willie considers to be morons were SWATTED. Whoever was complicit in that act of "social justice" ATTEMPTED to do more than to cause pain. Those complicit attempted to do murder, by proxy to be sure, but murder all the same. As for rape, Witless Willie himself publicized the address of a woman whose "socially just" punishment for being married to a man with opinions not in fashion among liberals was to be raped.

        1. Or the Causey's or the half dozen others (if not more) he's fail-doxed and pestered.

  2. "It just never occurs to these people that weeks can go by where I don’t even give them a thought"

    Name one, any one. Go ahead, I'll wait.

    1. Oh please. He can't go more than 36 hours without hitting my website. Even without me posting anything. For the record, I NEVER go to his websites. Who's the stalker in that case, eh?


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