Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Of course there’s no Team Kimberlin! If there were such a thing, their designated rectal mouthpiece might feel compelled to respond…

Let me guess:

  • Air Bud: 84 Years A Slave?
  • Air Bud: My Left Paw?
  • Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey?

I know the pups are out there searching…I’ll bet they’re pissed.

I grilled burgers and franks for my wife, my daughter and some of her friends. Have I mentioned that my daughter loves spending time with me?  This is the sort of result that comes from NOT ABANDONING ONE’S PROGENY LIKE A FUCKING LOSER WOULD.

My wife made potato salad and sangria. The neighbors stopped by. We built a fire in the fire pit and enjoyed a lovely evening with great company.

I’ll bet a doctor – the same kind of doctor who would recommend exercise before a Scooty Puff – would suggest cutting back on the fucking carbs.  And then a DUMBFUCK would laugh at him and pour another tumbler of Johnnie before heading to the beer garden on the Scooty Puff of Doom (it’s red. Vroom. VROOM!)

Let’s see…Wednesday…that was June 1st…are you SURE nothing happened that had ANYTHING having to do with WJJ HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! that day?

Let Us Recall The Stupidity Displayed By A Deranged, Cyberstalking Coprophiliac DUMBFUCK As Recently As Three Short Days Ago

I’ll bet it looked like this:



and now it is abundantly clear why a recently widowed, completely disabled (until just recently) Vietnamese Era veteran with Parkinson’s dementia would be “open to the possibilities of a new relationship!”

Food won’t press the buttons on the microwave by itself; that vacuum isn’t going to clean up the crumbs on its own; can’t find that high tech mop to clean up the leakage, and it’s a long damn roll down to the laundry room when a DUMBFUCK needs to FOCUS! on reworking the web presence and growing the podcast audience while not blogging any more about WJJ HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!

Oh, now this is obvious…nobody I know is sporting a big-ass, blood-money funded gangbanger gold chain.  The honeys are gonna be fighting to get to such a blinged-up DUMBFUCK!

Wait, I thought it was June 15th? That’s what Patton Oswalt thinks, anyway…

Now, I have to stop here.  I could accept a postmortem shift to an ugly swollen purple, which I had read previously. But waxy yellow?  I must protest.  I recall seeing a certain photo of a woman who was already that shade, several days before passing.

I think someone’s recollection is faulty. There’s a long and storied history of such in this particular case, so I’m pretty confident.

Well, unlike some people, I know WJJ HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! to be a man who, when asked to Cease and Desist all contact, ceases and desists, even to the point of not offering unwanted condolences on the death of someone whose death certificate has never been made public, for whom an obituary was never published, and who may this very minute be lying naked on a beach in Fiji with a tattooed Maori warrior chief, for all anyone knows.

Then there are Old Testament “eye for an eye” zombies such as myself who simply give back what comes their way.

DUMBFUCKS, on the other hand, don’t believe such antiquated things as court orders apply to them.

Go figure.


WHAT A FINE CHRISTIAN YOU ARE! Seriously, a DUMBFUCK pleading for Christian behavior from those he persecutes? Why not kill your parents and beg for mercy because you’re an orphan? It’s less of a cliche.

Say, speaking of rotting in a box, I found your mom’s gravesite last time I was in town. I left a little memento.  I think you would have approved.

It rained that night though, so it probably got washed away.

Just look for a spot where the grass is extra thick and lush.

You’re welcome.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. How utterly pathetic.

    "I didn't get a sympathy card from the man who had a protective order against me."

  2. So wait, he was doing things that had nothing to do with Hoge but wanted to tell Hoge and the lickspittles in a long series of tweets?

    How do you do things and still keep running to the playground to tell everyone you're doing things that have nothing to do with the people in the playground?

    Seriously, Schmalfeldt - are we at the point where all we have to do is look at the chain and you get yanked?

    What a fucking moron.

  3. This one was my favorite:

    So very sad, pathetic really, that WJJH demanding the loathsome loser leave him alone is what the dementia addled DUMBF*CK thinks of as a 'relathionship.'

    Explains a lot, doesn't it?

    1. I'd say if one person says "relationship" and the other says "court order", one of the two is a stalker.

      1. Multiple courts in multiple states agree with you, crawford421. NINE restraining orders in five states for stalking and harassment don't happen without a lot of effort from a loathsome loser.

  4. "our relationship" - the mark of a stalker/harasser/pest, per Gavin Debecker

    There is no relationship, except the one created by his setting a target and refusing to get lost.

  5. He does realize that in a long series of recent tweets he just confirmed that while his wife was alive, even when in ill heatlth, he made Gail wait on him hand and foot; but now that she has passed. he can miraculously do all those things for himself.


    1. Indeed, wasn't that many years ago, before his captive nurse shuffled off the mortal coil of course, that he declared himself completely disabled didnt he?

      Also declared he had lost the ability to walk and was consigned to a wheelchair "for the rest of his days" after "injuring" his knee didnt he??

      and all that BEFORE she got really sick and died on him.
      Gee, maybe if she hadn't been waiting on an idiot slacker hand and foot she might could've attended to her own health better.

      but as I like to think, she didnt just pass away, she finally escaped for good from a jackass waste of space that she was way to good for.

      and yeah Dumbfuck I mean YOU, asshole.

      1. He was LITERALLY DYING and Hoge et al. were LITERALLY KILLING HIM. Fat bastard sure got robust, didn't he?

        1. His miraculous recovery from wheelchair using, house bound, I'm coming to join you Elizabeth end of life just happned to occur the exact same day the women he made do every little thing for him passed away.

          Then, without a servant to now wait on his ever whim he was healed. Say Hallelujah brothers and sisters!!!

          And now we see that his open to new relationships. By "relationship" he means he is looking for new unpaid labour.

  6. I enjoyed very much his reposting of my announcement of the Gail Not Dying Yet pool.
    Predictably, he always reprints your best bits for you. Thanks Dumbfuck.

    Also predictably, he never gets that the post was ragging on him and never was about his wife. It's always about him and he reliably provides proof every time.


  8. If there's no such thing as Team Kimberlin, how exactly are Blob and The Diddler "associates?"

    1. Yes, Pablo, as Brett has confirmed at least three times now, in official court filings, that he and Bill are "associates".

  9. Fabulous weekend. Chatted with my son , watched a great documentary about the Champ, tasty cheeseburgers and cheddar wurst. Life is good.

    Wonder if that is the same son that told him to fuck off on Twitter? Bwahahaha.


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