Good Morning, Dying, Demented, Depends™ Dependent, DEFAULTED Defendant DUMBFUCK!

  • Playing YOUR game
  • By YOUR rules
  • And whipping YOUR tail

Don’t you hate it when the people you bully fight back?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “Good Morning, Dying, Demented, Depends™ Dependent, DEFAULTED Defendant DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Bullies can't stand if when their victims refuse to sit there and take THEIR crap unopposed.

    Why do you think that Neckless Wonder gets so spun up.... especially when it's own playbook gets used against it?

    I can tell you with 100% certainty, you fat fucking waste of space, that when YOU shuffle off this mortal coil, that a great multitude will rejoice... and the line to piss on your grave will be long indeed.

      1. Heck, the only reason I follow the SchmalFail Epic is because the demise party was so big and wild I had to come back downtime and binge watch it from the beginning.

  2. You're just a huge pussy, Schmalfeldt. No one sweats you. You are merely entertainment.

    I'm not advocating violence, this is more mercy than anything - put one in your temple.

    1. From a purely technical standpoint, that is not a good idea. While it will almost certainly result in an inability to function on the internet; it is not foolproof and may leave the recipient a drooling vegetable. This of course is merely one step down for a drooling ape; but it would mean that he would become a ward of the State. As much as that may please the lovely and talented Cindy; I would not wish that burden upon the people of WI.

      No, the most effective self inflicted gunshot wound would be to use the AR type rifle with the muzzle firmly under the chin aimed slightly backwards. The hydraulic shock is more pronounced as the projectile passes more centrally through the cavity and ... ... ...

      Shit, he has no chin, empty spaces do not create hydraulic shock and he might mess up Krendler's remodeling. Oh well; put down the gun, Bill, it's not worth it.

      1. " is not foolproof and may leave the recipient a drooling vegetable."

        And this would make Bill Schmalfeldt 😉

  3. WJJH will be sorely missed by at least hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. The loathsome loser will not be even be missed by its own children and grandchildren.

    1. "Kiddo, I have some bad news. Your Grandpa Bill died."

      "Grandpa who?"

      "Attagirl. Go play with your friends. Here's $20."

      1. hahahaha

        And in another home, some miles away:

        "Honey, great news! Old Bill finally died! We are totally done with the facebook comments, the tweets, the email, the nasty voice mail..."

        "You mean your dad (or uncle, cousin, etc.)?"

        "That freak was never more than a shameful albatross to my family. Don't ever call him my dad (or uncle, cousin, etc.)."

      2. The Cabin Boy has no redeeming value. It is frustrating to see that he somehow shambles along while horrible things happen to decent people. I know that I should hope that he finds salvation, but it is very hard to do...

  4. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (aside from being a big, fat waste of space and all-around disgusting POS) is a raging hypocrite. I know. I know. Captain Obvious here.

    He thinks he's clever prefacing his sentiment with that slimy, little "I do not advocate violence or harm to anyone." sentence. I have posted comments in the past regarding how much better of a place this world will become when Bill Schmalfeldt ceases to exist. I have also stated numerous times that Bill Schmalfeldt's harassment, stalking, and abuse of good-and-decent people will not end until he is either legally forced off of the Internet... or, he's dead. (Again... Captain Obvious statements right there.)

    Annnnnd... what did BS do after reading my comments? He ran around screeching like the little bitch he is -- DEATH THREAT ELEVENTY!!1!!1! -- claiming that I was calling for him to be murdered. *eyeroll*

    Furthermore, BS is (once again!) so blatantly lying. He has written blog posts (and, tweets) expressing his desire for Brett "The Speedway Bomber" Kimberlin to harm John Hoge -- and, has proclaimed that he will take great delight if it ever were to happen. Bill Schmalfeldt HIMSELF loooooves to harm others. He tries his damnedest to harm his self-created enemies, their spouses, their children, their grandchildren, their jobs, their finances, etc., etc., etc.

    GFY, you demented freak.

    Oh. And, btw...


    1. Evil. Barely literate. A poor mimic of intelligent folks. The list of his faults reads like a reference manual for personality disorders. The world will improve when he leaves it.

  5. Actually he has advocated violence on at least three separate occasions.

    1. "Actually he has advocated violence on at least three separate occasions."

      At least!

      "Including the original complaint in LOLSuit V."

      That's right!


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