Good Morning, Defendant DUMBFUCK!

No, it didn’t, and here’s the proof:

You know how I can tell when Defendant DUMBFUCK isn’t ignoring me?

I get visits from Milwaukee County government.

You know how I can tell when Defendant DUMBFUCK is ignoring me?

Rigor mortis sets in.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “Good Morning, Defendant DUMBFUCK!”

  1. The loathsome loser isn't able to ignore our beloved zombie overlords, nor the highly esteemed WJJH. We're all the grotesque ghoul has, since it hasn't laid eyes on most of its grandchildren and never will, has been rejected by its family, including its own children, has no friends, and is unemployable due to its vileness and hackery.

    The NIH allowed the dementia-addled DUMBF5CK to work from home so the staff didn't have to tolerate it. The fat freak has been repeatedly fired from unpaid or paid by the click writing "jobs" and was even "fired" by a national charity who demanded the repulsive recreant stop promoting them and collecting donations for them Prior to the laardvark, could you have imagined anyone being so disgusting they'd be fired from a "job" they paid the "employer" to hold? hahahahaha

    Banned from virtually every site it has ever fouled with its revolting presence, and even banned from using Outlook email, the deranged doofus still will not accept that the problem resides in its mirror. The same rejection, mockery, and banning occur over and over again, with various groups and sites.

    NINE restraining orders, repeatedly adjudicated a stalker and harasser, tells the world all it needs to know about demented, depraved, defendant Bill Schmalfeldt.

  2. Defendant Schmalfeldt can never ignore Paul Krendler because the HZIC is constantly living in his head, entering his dreams, and is the music to which Defendant Schmalfeldt loves to dance.

    Oh, the sweet nectar of pwnage. It's a bitter ale for Defendant Schmalfeldt.


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