Good Morning, Defendant DUMBFUCK!

Gosh, I sure liked the letter full of lies both probable and provable that #DefendantDUMBFUCK sent to his non-co-conspirator “excellent friend” that he barely knows except for the many rides he has bummed to court. 

Gosh, I sure am sad that #DefendantDUMBFUCK put his probable and provable lies in a letter to the bumbling bomber, the pro se pedophile and self-confessed pervert Brett Kimberlin.  An unsworn bullshit letter from a co-defendant carries just so much gravitas, you know.

Gosh, I sure am spitting coffee all over my phone because #DefendantDUMBFUCK didn’t create a sworn affidavit for the court’s consideration. Of course, that would expose him to perjury charges instead of the normal worldwide ridicule he currently enjoys.

Gosh, I sure am going to enjoy seeing #DefendantDUMBFUCK held to account for his years of harassment and vexatious litigation. Today, tomorrow, next week, next year, it doesn’t matter when.  

Patience, they say, is a virtue.

Gosh, I sure think it’s time #DefendantDUMBFUCK wrote a letter to Judge Joseph to ask why she’s taking so damn long to rule on his oh-so-righteous federal lawsuit, because butthurt is too a tort, and he’s got ‘mendments to file!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Good Morning, Defendant DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Dementia-addled Defendant DUMBF5CK, repeatedly adjudicated stalker and harasser, slapped with NINE restraining orders, previously attempted to plead diminished capacity to avoid the consequences of the loathsome loser's vile actions. I don't think that will save it this time.

  2. I like that Defendant Schmalfeldt thought that writing a letter to support a motion by Defendant Kimberlin would be some kind of brilliant legal strategy. I always enjoy a train wreck. The one coming will be magnificent for Defendant Team Kimbergarten and I’m going to laugh and laugh…

  3. I don't know why, but these DUMBFUCKS truly amaze me with their shenanigans. They think they are soooooo smart, clever and know the law, when in actuality they are dumber than a box of rocks.

    They are the results of safety labels on lawnmowers and ladders. I am a firm believer that safety labels should be banned, because if you are dumb enough to use something incorrectly, then you deserve to die.

    God please spread some chlorine in the gene pool, it is getting really bad.

    1. "God please spread some chlorine in the gene pool, it is getting really bad."

      As much as I share that sentiment, and believe it needs to happen for our species to survive, I fear the manifestation it will take.

        1. Well, it's either that or drop a fictional Eastern European capital city from 10,000 feet.

  4. "Today, tomorrow, next week, next year, it doesn’t matter when."

    Don't die first, Defendant Dumbfuck. That would be so anticlimactic.


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