Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

…says the guy who thinks 9 – 5 = 3.


Surely not as much as I am gratified to see a self-beclowning DUMBFUCK opining on on something he knows nothing about.  And then wondering why everyone looks at him and thinks:




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Poor SchmalFredo. He is led to failure by his unshakeable delusions of adequacy.

  2. I always enjoy it when he and his "associates" screw up and that, somehow, Hoge is beclowning himself by pointing out THEIR failures.

    There is dumb, there is stupid, and there is Team Kimbergarten, starring Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Dance away, monkey man!

    1. I like how his "associate" tells him to leave her the fuck out of it.

      She is the only one with enough brains to not want to be sued, and doesn't want to be dragged into the utter shit that is SchmalFredo's life (yeah I borrowed that-lol).

  3. In Bwilly JWR infused mind, he thinks that if he denies assessing Hoge's website, then that is reality.

    The reality is, that he is a washed up old nonentity that has 9 ROs, numerous FAILED lawsuits and likes to write Cub Scout homerotic porn.

  4. question
    if Dumbfuck doesn't point out supposed "beclowning" does it actually happen??

    inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Wrong question.

      If Defendant Willie doesn't ask or mention whether X beclowned himself, it is reasonable to ask whether X has done so. If, however, the defendant even implies that X has beclowned himself, there is no question to ask because we can be confident that X made a fool of Willie or one of his retarded co-defendants.


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