Good Evening, Demented Depends™ Dependent Defendant DUMBFUCK!​

It don’t matter if you don’t find them all.

But go ahead and cheer for the single grain of sand you brought home from the beach. You’re a DIFFERENCE MAKER!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Good Evening, Demented Depends™ Dependent Defendant DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Yeah, not to mention the fact that whatever he thinks he did, many copies have already been downloaded and stored away.

    But, let's cheer Defendant DUMBFUCK on his amazing success!

    1. Looks like sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt is trying to erase evidence again. Too late, of course.

  2. PurloinedParodies seems to have vanished, leaving behind just a scent...can't place dog is acting the way she does when we take her to the vet. Always have to clean out the cage afterwards. I swear I've smelled this before...maybe it'll come to me...

    Anyhoo, what was it he posted before giving the old "Hi Yo Silver! Run away!" this time?

    1. Surely even the demented dependent defendant DUMBF5CK isn't stupid enough to think it found "the vault"... oh... wait... nevermind.


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