Imagine how many baby parts Kermit Gosnell could have collected if he’d had such an efficient tool at his disposal…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Endorsed”

  1. On yeah, the gun grabbers are indeed baby killers, if you look at the baby killers everyone of them is again the death penalty for murderers, but all for it in the case of innocence, defenseless unborn babies.

  2. Off Topic but:

    Shitheadumbfuck's latest ode de jour to his departed wife's anniversary is complete evidence that he is either a sociopath/psychopath or a mentally challenged piano boy-banger (mentally challenged in the sense of RETARD Musician and/or Clueless Retard DF's sometimes liking their finger up their ass) who cares only about his departed in what sympathy he can gain from her death. Mostly in the form of internet fuckshitery.

    But the photo he posted of Gail was lovely. She looks a beautiful woman, And if we take even a bit of evidence from the Retard DF, she was a saint. Fuck sake, she put up with this gelatinous, evil, vile, organ grinder moron for how many years?

    Bless you Gail. We hope you are in a happier place than that humid trailer, sitting next to that rotted streaming tube of lard.

    1. Paul. Please delete this post.
      I just can't speak evil of a DF and his pain and his lost.
      od would not forgive me. Even though DF's music is shit and open to ridicule.
      I just can't. Thanks


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