10 thoughts on “Dance, Monkey! DAAAAAAAAANCE!!!!”

  1. He still insists on directing tweets at people who have no contact orders against him.

    1. If the nutless coward REALLY BELIEVED I am Patrick Grady, he wouldn't be @ mentioning me.

      He knows he's wrong. He's always known he's wrong. He lacks the spine to admit it.

  2. Hey, isn't that the same old tune? The one that goes something like,

    "...♪ I was going to quit and walk away,
    but now I'm gonna stay... ♫
    ♪...and if you want to know why why why
    well just turn around

  3. I don't know what Cousin Bill thinks he knows about those IP addresses, but he clearly doesn't understand the tools he's using, or the caveats on their accuracy.

    Or how easily IP addresses are spoofed...

  4. Maybe Bill should contact his buddy Rauhauser and ask how vicious the Beandogs from the chans can be. Seems they aren't a fan of his. Oh sure Bill will stupidly blame everything on Krendler because he is too ignorant to figure out the real source of the comments, but I'm sure it will become crystal clear to him in time. Here's hoping that Bill has finally found the one group of people that will just revel in getting down and much, much dirtier then him.


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