7 thoughts on “Awww…Don’t Go Away Mad…”

  1. And don't plan on inflicting dementia on another group of intended victims!

    The loathsome loser will never again get away with stalking, harassing, and doxxing other internet users. They'll laugh at the extortionate threats, and the grotesque ghoul that makes them. They will quickly learn just how good of a friend google can be.

  2. He can blog all he wants to. He just thinks he has a First Amendment right to respond to what others say about his vile and loathsome actions. He can hide behind his wife, but let's face it - he REALLY wasn't serious about living up to what she wanted him to be. She is just his personal weapon. Anyone with a lick of sense knows he cares little for her other than what he can do to prop up his own little war - one he is on the losing side.

    1. I learned that one from the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics!


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