A Totes Cereal Question

Listen folks – I’m hearing some faint rumblings around the Team Free Speech sites that some commenters are confused and befuddled as to how Defendant DUMBFUCK could believe that his motion to dismiss for improper venue is sufficiently meritorious to be granted.

It began on Tuesday (on the east coast, anyway), when he sent this email to John Hoge:

He simply determined that an argument John Hoge had defeated him with was sufficient to turn the tables.  After all,

The circumstances were EXACTLY THE SAME!  He didn’t make any mistakes…and well, if he did:

…Hoge made them first.


Everybody in the legal profession copypastas.  It’s a great time-saver. Especially when you have the first clue what you’re doing.

Some of us do.  Others don’t.

Ya gotta be careful throwing around hashtags like #unwarrantedhubris when you’re a DUMBFUCK.  Because with blinders like that, you say stuff like this while trying your case on Twitter:

“Humiliating.”  Yes.

“Humiliating to have been beaten on a venue motion.”  Who do we know that lost in such a humiliating fashion?  Has he been accusing anyone of #unwarrantedhubris lately?

.45 ACP is the way to go when you’ve been humiliated on a venue motion…twice.

Humiliation seems to be a VERY BIG DEAL.  I hope nothing humiliating happens to a DUMBFUCK to make him consider such a radical notion.  Has anyone heard anything about that?

Tell me, is this hubris?

Seems like hubris to me.

And since late last night, Defendant DUMBFUCK has been so awfully quiet. I wonder if he’s stepped in a metaphorical bear trap and is busy chewing his metaphorical leg off.

I could be wrong.

But hopefully, he will see this and favor us with a detailed explanation (140 characters at a time) of how his motion to dismiss for improper venue is correct, meritorious and destined to prevail.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “A Totes Cereal Question”

  1. "TK will rip you a NEW one on the stand,..."

    But, someone was saying just last week that there is no such thing as Team Kimberlin.

    I really can't figure out what's going on here - venue, personal jurisdiction, Team Kimberlin, no Team Kimberlin, knows Brett Kimberlin, doesn't know Brett Kimberlin, sure to win, always losing. The world is spinning out of control!

  2. For someone who's sure he's winning, he sure is having to convince himself. Mad flurries of tweets at nearly midnight isn't really a sign of someone who's really, really sure of his position.

  3. Ell. Oh. HELL!


      1. Maybe someone should ask him how TDPK was able to hale Hoge into a Montgomery County court?

        Nah, he *still* wouldn't get it. There's a reason we call him DUMBFUCK after all!


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