16 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are”

    1. They are easier to flip up over your back I've been told. IYKWIMAITYD

    1. Nah, I just fell back on what I'm good at...hiring people to do things for me.

  1. Because nothing says completely clueless quite like trying to mix the "scruffy crazy old guy" hairdo with the "cheap lot lizard pimp" fake gold chain and the "dumpy fat old woman" muu-muu. Is there ANYONE who doesn't think that photo should be in black and white, and hanging in the inner lobby of the local Post Office and a BOLO at the mental hospital?

    1. I think it's commendable the way he recycled that old lamp chain.

  2. Wonder if DUMBFUCK has shared his boy scout stories with his neighbors yet? I mean, it is comedy, right? Boogie on, dudes..

    1. Come to think of it, perhaps someone should SHARE Billy's yuk-yuks with the neighbors! Wonder how much a mass mailing would cost?

  3. Is he going for the OLD Philip Seymor Hoffman look in Boogie Nights? You know, the character who's mouth watered every time he saw Marky Mark?


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