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  1. Maybe that's a discovery he should've made two years ago. When he didn't contest it, he accepted their jurisdiction.

  2. bwahahahaha

    And yet there are at least two stalking no contact orders against the loathsome loser in Illinois alone, in addition to the other seven Bill Schmalfeldt garnered by also stalking and harassing in various other states.

  3. Wouldn't have mattered much if he did contest jurisdiction, even when it was appropriate. See, when you commit acts arising to stalking, such that a court decides to formally order you to stop such activity, you've already crossed that 'minimum contact' threshold. That's the thing about persistently contacting someone, as opposed to merely commenting on their public activities. The former is by definition directed to that person, wherever they happen to reside, and thereby into their state. The latter is addressed to the entire world, and the object of the commentary has to go looking for it to even know it exists.

    That distinction continually escapes the DUMBFUCK, but not the courts. Even if he didn't subject voluntarily subject himself to their jurisdiction, he wouldn't even succeed in delaying the process longer than it took a judge to read and dismiss his objection.

    1. "The distinction continually escapes the DUMBFUCK." Sort of a tautology: so many things escape a DUMBFUCK that a little thing like the difference between communication to someone and communication about someone is just too elusive to even attempt grasping.

      1. It's like not knowing, or caring, that the case that is going to blow your opponent out of the water was about talking ABOUT someone and not TO them. Remember your huge stupid fucking fail with Cassidy Bill? Bwahahahahaha. Even a 5th grader could have figured that one out but you just had to set yourself up for a very patient judge to educate you like the child you are about how wrong you were about it.

        I understand that reading words on paper in a specific order is not one of your talents.

        Come to think of it, writing words in a specific order isn't one of your talents either.

  4. Is there some enforcement in the works? (My thumbtyping is causing me some misery tonight, please excuse)

  5. "Also, local authorities have been notified about possible dirty tricks that foolish lickspittles may attempt."

    Also, local authorities have been notified about thirty to forty thousand child porn pictures resident on your laptop. By a law enforcement agency.

    Which do you think they are going to take more seriously?

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      1. Pray tell, you mean something along the lines of having a 'nice long talk' with uninvolved third parties, in the hopes they reach our and fuck with someone for you?

  6. https://twitter.com/RadioDrumpf/status/730800084665925632

    Because when communicating with law enforcement, nothing screams credibility as a victim like "Apparently I've stuck a nerve. :)"

    1. LOL, Billy seems to think St Francis Law Enforcement hasn't already dug up the NINE restraining orders against the adjudicted stalking harassing threatening DUMBF5CK Bill Schmalfeldt. And that criminal courts record of his in Maryland obviously makes clear Schmalfeldt's history of threats and harassment...
      Oopsie Poopsie!

      1. What a crybaby DUMBFUCK is. My God, did his mother raise a big pussy or what?

        1. Big pussies think that Blobbosaurus is a huge pussy...

          Keep on contacting employers and law enforcement to try and do your dirty work for you, you massive waste of space. Just keeps reinforcing what a whiny, inept, mewling vagina you are.

    2. Ohhhh, ART!

      It looks like he deleted the second image from that Tweet! The one that says "Apparently I've struck a nerve. :)"

      Too bad it's already in the vault.

  7. And I think this one was a Freudian slip: "I'm not threatening anybody. I have said all along that when I finally identify Grady, I would put certain actions into motion." He's admitting he was always after Grady; he was just using "Paul Krendler" as a pretext I guess.

    I wouldn't have thought it that hard to "identify" PG, but then we all know how crappy his doxxing skills are.

  8. "Now, some fuckers are going to pay. No bargaining, no negotiating. Just show up in court, and pay. #GAMEOVER"

    So, Dear Sweet Cousin just figured out that TK is going to lose to Professor Hoge?

    1. When you head down to court be sure to bring your wives and house keys as the BS is going to get it all.

  9. Why does Bill think ANY law enforcement agency will take him seriously? After all, he provably sent himself threatening emails and tried to pass them off as not coming from him. He forged an email to get Krendler, who he swore in court documents was Lynn Thomas. He forged tweets in Hoge's cases. I mean seriously, who is going to believe a serial forger and liar like Schmalfeldt?

    1. Don't forget his repeated blatherings about the "forged" letter.

    1. "And still, it occurs to no one that the one person they SHOULD be hearing denials from has been silent. Murder-Suicide, perhaps? #gameover"

      Still haven't figured out how the game is played, Cousin DUMBFUCK?

      Well, let the monkeydance continue, then!

      (Hint: Why deny the accusations of someone irrelevant?)

      1. I'm thinking that that Tweet if no others should be reported to LE by Grady. It's suggesting he's killed his family and then himself.

  10. I just saw something that SEEMS to say that Willie claims he has found a way around Paul's ban and knows exactly what we all are saying. It does not seem to occur to him that no one can intentionally be causing him emotional distress if great care is being taken to shield his delicate psyche from what is being said.

    In fact, it SEEMS to say that Witless claims he can comment here. Now maybe I am misreading him, but that seems hard to credit because Willie was a professional editor and would be very unlikely to write unclearly. He doesn't say of what he was the editor, but perhaps it was Playcow because he seems to have a wealth of knowledge about bovine genitalia.

    1. IF one has to work around an ISP ban in order to see the things he's tried claiming, in multiple court documenst no less, are harassing to him...
      then that one has pretty much blown their entire case..

      but then we already knew that was a dead horse he just can't stop beating.

  11. Apropos of nothing, I spotted this image out on Twitter... you can guess for whom I figured it might be fitting:

      1. OK, I have no idea how to embed an image here.

        There's a website related to the image, which undoubtedly won't link properly, but well, the name alone should tell you all you need to know.


        They have swag for sale!


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