So I’ve been getting hammered all day with SPAM emails. I haven’t figured out yet where it’s coming from.

Nearly 110K emails in the last 18 hours, all with the same subject line: “Christmas Video.”  I checked a few for viruses, just to be sure, and found none.  I opened one email, and sure enough there’s a video attached!  Did I watch?

Well, let me just say…”YIKES.”

Now, I’m not the kind of zombie who would post this sort of thing on my website. As an “accurate reflection,” I do hold myself to some standards that others only pretend to.

Don’t take that to mean that I have AAAAAANY IDEA WHATSOEVER about who might be responsible for all this email.  I don’t make unfounded. proof-deficient accusations like some people we could all name.

I’m sure DoggyStyle and Grady the #bipolar #sociopath would agree with me here. And Sarah and Aaron and Chris Heather and Kyle Kiernan and so many others as well.

I wouldn’t post this video, primarily because it would almost surely violate the TOS of any video hosting site I could name, and quickly vanish.  There are other reasons as well.  Certain things aren’t meant to be seen, no matter how much they make you laugh.  And boy, did this make me laugh.

The video isn’t much more than a POV shot of a ashen-faced woman in the cab of a semi wearing a Santy Claus hat and not much else.  I couldn’t see if she had shoes on, but that was really the only thing left to question. It would be exceedingly rude (and disgusting, to be honest) to describe the, um…action? in more detail than that, but every time I watch it, it keeps getting funnier.  Especially the wandering eyeball.

If anyone out there knows anything about handling a dedicated SPAM attack like this, feel free to drop your two cents in the comments.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “SPAM”

  1. I couldn’t see if she had shoes on, but that was really the only thing left to question.
    Sandy Clawsies should be wearing boots. just sayin’

  2. What to do about this sort of attack? Stretch those lulz, of course, because if history is any guide, it's about to get even funnier.

  3. Did the name of the woman begin with a G? Was it a home video? An advertisement aimed at truckers?

    I really, truly doubt this kind of spam came from Witless Willie: his entire history shows him to have too much respect for women to send anything like that.

  4. "DoggyStyle"???? This is proof that Krendler = Schmalfeldt! He has been running a false flag operation all along.

  5. Now who would have any reason to spam your comments?

  6. What, the Unnamed DUMBFUCK couldn't find a porno featuring Cub Scouts?

  7. From a conservative Governor that served his country HONORABLY:

    As any veteran will tell you, a DD-214 is THE definitive record of a person’s time in the military, used to prove the authenticity, duration and character of said service. The official name for the form is Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty and veterans learn early on to keep a copy handy. In separation briefings, service members are carefully coached to review it thoroughly because, once it’s filed, it’s filed.

    1. So if I understand this correctly, a signed, true-and-correct copy of a service member's DD-214 would list all awards earned during their time on duty.

      It would be accepted in a court of law as the standard by which a service member's conduct on duty is measured.

      And if multiple instances of photographic evidence surfaced, showing a service member wearing medals and awards which his DD-214 attests that he is not entitled to wear...

      Then the DD-214 would be the accepted standard of legal proof, and its truth would be assumed?

      And the DUMBFUCK who got busted embellishing his awards and the circumstances under which he allegedly earned them, would be burdened with proving the falsity of the DD-214 that he attested as true and correct, signed, collected his $20K bonus and bustled out to the car and the wife he cheated on with a Japanese prostitute?

      Have I got that right?

      1. Substitute "girlfriend" (and a possibly pregnant one) for "wife" (yes, the one he cheated on with a Japanese prostitute I believe - but I haven't paid much attention to this particular timeline), and I *think* you've got it right!

        Sucks that there is legal proof out there that says he lies, doesn't it?

        1. He doesn't care that there is proof that he lies. He uses lies like normal people use paper towels: you rip one off the roll, and use it on a mess you've made, and then throw it away, never to think about it again. You may even have to use several, each one different from the last, and all destined to be used once and then thrown away.

  8. Hey Bill,
    Shove a 2x4 up your scooter.

    And can you promise us if Trump wins you'll take a deer rifle to your temple?
    Canada doesn't take indigents as new citizens.

    Even cankered whale blubber masquerading in a Wisconsin shoreline muumuu.


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