Love & Proofreading

they go together like a horse and carriage.

So it doesn’t rhyme – sue me.


Part of this is because Patton Oswalt has class, which is more than a DUMBFUCK could ever say.  Also, he’s probably not a certified whackadoodle.  For example, has Patton Oswalt ever put photos of

  • his dying wife,
  • his ass, or
  • his dying wife’s ass (2 outta 3 ain’t bad)

on the Internet? I’d bet real money that he has not.

Another part of it may be that Patton Oswalt has the self-control AND the self-esteem NOT to try to turn his wife into a weapon to use against the army of people he has worked very hard to piss off.

And that may be entirely due to the possibility that Patton Oswalt has not worked hard to piss people off.

I’m guessing here; I don’t know the man, I just enjoy his work.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Love & Proofreading”

  1. The grotesque ghoul will use anything, even that poor man's grief, to draw attention to its vile self.

    No way Mr. Oswalt chose to let his beloved die alone while he blogged every mortifying detail of her suffering.

  2. Many an electron has been winked out of existence debating the best part of the Schmycle. But I'm going off grid here and say the best part of Willy's Twitter "existence" is the "try to make friends/get sympathy from a B-list twitterer", "and failing".

  3. WTF is Patton Oswalt, never heard of him. Why would the troll that use to be known as the Troll of Elkridge, Maryland be trolling him?

    1. He's a pretty funny actor/writer, somewhat funny comedian, and reliable left-winger whose wife recently died at a relatively young age. The reaction from some quarters has been as lamentable as it was predictable. Oswalt's done some very mean-spirited political 'jokes,' so he could be reasonably expected to have a thick skin.

  4. I'm also pretty sure that The Greatest Woman Who Ever Lived shuffled off her mortal coil on the 17th, but PTSD!

      1. It's the Fog of War. Makes decisions difficult. Makes remembrances hazy. Bill has been at war with Humanity for so long, it's amazing he can still find his bottle of JWR.


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