9 thoughts on “Looks Like “Scoop” DUMBFUCK, Boy Germalist, Is Back On The Case Today!”

  1. If only his sole source wasn't an insane codger who assaulted the police, lost a defamation suit, and even had his brother and mother kick him out for being bat shit crazy. The guy even got fired from a state job for being too wacky. Oh Bill, never stop being a DUMBFUCK.

  2. Hey Bill, I have a scoop for you, yesterday you were a dumb fuck, today your a dumb fuck. And news flash tomorrow, your still going be a dumb fuck.

  3. Channeling the Fear Pee King: "THOSE HANDS!!!! Those look like Grady's Hands!!! More EVIDENCE!!!"

  4. What's entertaining is that the the one time Wailing Willie had a chance to confront Grady in open court, Willie ran.


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