20 thoughts on “It’s Time We Had A Positive Post Around Here”

  1. Careful now... a certain DUMBF5CK is regularly positive about things, even after it's been shown the wires and mirrors. hahaha

  2. 1) post DO NOT TOUCH sign to battery
    2) wait for Billy to come along and touch it.
    3) ?????
    4) LULZ

  3. On a somewhat less literal note, I'm two exams down of the 7 left for the semester (and this degree)! I've got three tomorrow, and two on Monday.

    Funny thing, first amendment issues in Business Law was really easy. 🙂

      1. Indeed. I had a 94.5 on the last test before he put it on the curve (this guy never curves the grades, but the rest of the class did so badly he felt he had to this time) and ended up with 100. Last semester I got an A- in Business Law I, a course about half the students fail it first time through. Of course the first exam in that class involved "Dispute settlement" (including civil procedure) and "Intentional Torts". I wonder why I'd know anything about those? 😀

        Of course I'm sure a certain person we are all aware of would have no trouble with either course because he's so smaht and he would get straight 100s without breaking a sweat, and he wouldn't need a few free points to help out. /please tell me that no one really needed this sarc tag?

        1. I've been reading your posts for a few years now, this comes as no surprise. Brava!!

        2. Way to go, LG. A friend of mine just finished her MBA - she is actually sorta struggling with what to do with the free time now. 🙂

        3. No one, especially your instructor, could possibly be surprised, LG.


        4. I'll bet the only time DUMBFUCK ever got higher than a 75 in school was in the nurse's office on a Fahrenheit thermometer.


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