If You’ve Ever Wondered…

…why DUMBFUCK always expects… begs… pleads… recommends… foresees… predicts that some one of us will roll over, rat out, turn snitch, throw someone under the bus, push an old lady out of the way to get on the lifeboat, or whatever…

Here’s why:

It’s what they would do.

“You’re no better than [my pal] Bill Schmalfeldt, [who should have won ALL TEH LOLSUITS!] Hoge.

Yup, [except for understanding what defamation is and how to properly allege its elements, and not running off to court to file a fresh lawsuit for every screaming case of butthurt you manage to dig up, and having raised a loving family with children who actually speak to you, and achieving a long and successful career with many friends who will stand by you and support you when you are in need as you have done yourself, and not being obsessed with anything and everything related to the alimentary canal,] you’re the same as him.”

Let me know if I missed anything.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “If You’ve Ever Wondered…”

  1. And the time BK called DF a coward.

  2. There may be honor among thieves, but there is none among the PedoBomber Butthurt Gang.

    Fee Fee dropped Wet-My-Pants Willie like a hot bong!

  3. Isn't this the first time Wee Willie has actually been involved in the legal actions? he finally has skin in the game and one of his first actions is to throw Bill under the bus to save himself.

    If Bill was looking for him to be solid (prison term you should learn Bill); then Bill was living in a dream world.

    Did Bill really believe that the one man band was ever going to do anything but protect his own ass and his own stash?

  4. The Fat Bastard is thinking about retooling...Dumbfuck doesn't know that its a liar and no one will ever believe it!

  5. It's the return of ABOVE IT ALL BILL!!! I missed the big lug!

    "Say what you want. The only thing that matters to me is how I feel about myself and whether or not Gail would be proud of me. I know she wouldn’t want me to live from court date to court date."

    What will be the next stage in the Schmycle? "I want it all Bill" "All you wives are belong to Bill" "You're killing me Bill" "Just when I thought I was out you pulled me back in Bill"???

    1. One huge burst of "Just when I thought I was out you pulled me back in Bill", followed by a spectacular failure. And yes, we have seen it all before. Whenever Bill knows he is going to get his ass handed to him and that he put all his bullshit predictions of doom on Twitter that he will be mercilessly mocked over he pulls this same stuff before slinking away with some excuse or another to try and hide his shame and failure yet again.

  6. I found this article today and judging by the contents from "Vanna L" it looks like DF has a new sock puppet:


  7. to celebrate Dumbfuck's "yet-another-damn-rebrandening" I propose a contest. Winner is whoever can figure where he "purloined"
    his hillbilly skull and crossbones banner from.

    Cuz ya know he did.

    1. http://gamejolt.com/games/world-of-skulls/37730


      1. If only they had a legal department to look into Bill Schmalfeldt's violation of their copyright...


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