How To Successfully Manipulate A DUMBFUCK

Step 1

Assume that the average DUMBFUCK (although, isn’t a DUMBFUCK far below average by definition? I think so. Yes.) will infer that anything you post must be a reference to itself.

Step 2

Post whatever you want.

Step 3

There is no step 3.

Easier than picking up a case of the clap at a truck stop.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “How To Successfully Manipulate A DUMBFUCK”

  1. A Dumbfuck by definition are always easy to manipulate, because..... they are DUMBFUCKS!

    And the Dumbfuck we all know and love is the Dumbfuckiest of them all, making him the Dumbfuck's DUMBFUCK.

  2. How much dumb
    Could a DUMBFUCK fuck
    Could fuck dumb?

    Because, well, you know....

  3. Truck stops and Lake shores. It's all cruising ground for team pedo?
    There's a reason it's cherry red (Vroom Vroom)

  4. Welcome to my lifetime of fun!

    Little does DUMBFUCK realize how his diminished situation is the result of a push here, a nudge there, a call to an employer or friend, or just plain outright sabotage...

    1. And just to clarify here, no one should infer from your comment that you personally are admitting that YOU have necessarily done one or more of these things or even that you have personal knowledge of which people did what things when.

      From observing Witless Willie, it can plausibly be inferred that some people, quite possibly many people, have done such things. Now I may or may not have been employed at NIH when Willie was ostensibly working there. Maybe yes, maybe no. But if the answer were yes, I surely would have dropped a dime or two on him, not necessarily in a way that would ever be memorialized: simply negating curtly and promptly every suggestion that someone be involved in a project is enough to sidetrack a career.

      1. Conversely, no one should assume that I didn't do such things personally...

        By and large, though, I have screwed Bill over at a distance...a phone call is usually all it takes, with someone as unsympathetic as he.

        1. Assumptions are dangerous.

          Some people are so oblivious that they bring suits based on assumptions without realizing that they eventually have to prove those assumptions with admissible evidence. Willie's friend was so breathtakingly oblivious that he failed (if I recollect what the judge said) to provide a scintilla of evidence.

  5. At the update Paul has provided, I see DUMBFUCK has made another Billogical leap, and assumed that someone leaving a comment on one of his websites is me. This is despite the fact that the geolocation of the IP listed is not near my home, is for the wrong ISP (he knows which one I use, since he knows my email address), and says nothing that has anything to do with me. I'd point out to the DUMBFUCK that I wasn't home all weekend (I wasn't even in the state), and there is even video proof of where I was and what I was doing all weekend. And let's not forget that the ONLY times I have ever contacted the DUMBFUCK was in response to his harassing contacts, and it was email to him telling him to leave me alone (which he ignored, and got him one of those restraining orders.)

    So someone was manipulating the DUMBFUCK without even trying. SMH.

  6. Well hell he is telling the truth for once.

    The Truth Tribune

    Unfettered from the Shackles of Journalistic Integrity

    I would like to know when he was shackled by journalistic integrity.

    1. I would like to know when he was shackled by reality. He has been living in a delusion since I've learned about him.

    2. Ummm, I'm placing my bet on... NEVER. He's far too enamored of the whole "reporter in the story" asininity.

  7. Unfortunately this part of his journalistic career (independently working and writing only for himself) has been the longest.

    We were all hoping it would be over in 18 months like every other job he ever had was.


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