Here’s What I Wonder About

I got an anonymous email last Friday.  The sending address was A lot of people would look at that sending email address and think “I know exactly who sent that!”

Not me.  I figure that it could be any of the thousands of employees of the Vast WMS-DB Multimedia Empire.

There’s no way to tell who it was.

In the email headers, there’s a very familiar IP address:  I looked that address up at, and it shows me Cudahy, Oak Creek, Milwaukee…all locations very near to St. Francis, where a very frequent (perhaps the MOST frequent) visitor to this blog has set up his new Mangina Cave.  A lot of people would conclude “Oh, I know exactly who it was.”

Not me. I can’t trace that address down to more than a few square miles, based on the information I have.

Still not proof.

But then there’s the subject line:

Nice to see Ms. Ikihega’s scolding had an effect

Well, there’s a name I think we’ve all seen in recent days.  Some DUMBFUCK claims to have had a nice long talk with her. And based on that subject line, the author of this unsigned email believes some kind of secondary conversation took place between Ms. Ikihega and me.

I’m here to tell you that it just isn’t so.

Here’s the rest of that email (with commentary):

So, here we are. You maintained silence for two days

Not even close.

after having your ass ripped for using your telecommuting time and Capegemini equipment to post your hate screeds.

Never happened.

Good. It shows you are capable of learning.

Which puts me several steps ahead of the anonymous pussy who sent this email.

Here’s what else you need to learn.

Every bit of filth sent to my comment box from an anonymous source will be treated, on information and belief, as if it came from you.

That’s nice.  Savoir Faire ees everywhere!!

That 8chan kiddie porn gateway site, for instance. Call the St. Francis cops and ask for Detective Jeremy Harcus.

Why? Does he do funny voices over the phone?

I am not finished with you.

I wasn’t aware that you had started.

The simple fact that you have let your hatred for me blossom into a full-fledged obsession may result in your getting some specialized treatment, but it will not spare you or your family from the financial burden that I am about to impose on you.

This is only forty-five words of complete nonsense. If this is who I think but can’t prove it is, you are capable of much, much more unfocused stupidity and nonsense, and you really need to step up your game.

Two years of nearly daily harassment and stalking by you.

And the fact that you continue your website merely shows you are incapable of stopping.

Well, sir? I am going to make you stop. And I am going to make you pay.

Wow. Never heard that one before. Do I know you?

This is not a warning, this is not a negotiation. Your website could disappear today, like you tried to make the FUPP blog disappear.

This is a declaration.

Wouldn’t “Blahblahblahblahblah” have been easier to type and more accurate?

Every lie, every misrepresentation, every stolen image, every profane thing you’ve written about the best woman God ever put on the planet.

I’ll have you know that I have never written a lie, never made a misrepresentation, never stolen an image and never written one profane thing about the bet woman God ever put on the planet.  I will admit that we are probably referring to two different people, and that you are wrong.

The fact that you did not reveal to the court that you were writing a daily hate blog about me as you whimpered and whined about the danger I imposed.

Aside from the fact that you seem to have me confused with someone else, and you also have a very loose definition of the word “fact,” is the lack of a verb in this sentence fragment intentional?  

Every bit of it.

I look forward to laughing at it.

It will take a bit of writing.

You’re going to farm that out to a real writer, I hope. I’ll do it for $50,000.00.

Hang on to your ass.

Why? Are you gonna send Bill Schmalfeldt after me? In that case, yikes.

Note that there was no signature on the email from the weeping, nutshuffling penis who sent it along…

So that’s the entertainment portion of the post.  Now for the educational part.

This email, from someone who certainly seems bound and determined to GET ME ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! (if it wasn’t for you nosy kids!) was sent at 9:34:08 PDT according to the email headers.  That’s another clue for you young Sherlocks out there – how many computers do you know of located in the Cudahy-Oak Creek-Milwaukee area that are set to Pacific time?


Anyway, that 9:34:08 Pacific is UTC – 8 hours, or 17:34:08 UTC.

Later that same day, at 13:21 Eastern time, I left this comment at Hogewash.

13:21 Eastern is UTC – 5 hours, or 18:21 UTC.

Someone who might have authored the email above – but there’s no proof, remember – sent out a tweet highlighting a post he had just published.  That post crowed about someone (apparently me, because it was my comment that was highlighted) commenting from work, ZOMFG!!1!!ELEVENTY11!!1!!  The time on that tweet was 12:45 PM Central.

12:45 Central is UTC – 6 hours, or 18:45 UTC.

And then, just three hours later, at 3:44 PM Central, or 20:44 UTC, the same person – who may or may not have sent me this cowardly sandy-vagina email message – tweeted another link, to another post at the same blog. It reads, in part:

Now that I have determined beyond all reasonable doubt that the filth merchant calling itself Paul Krendler is, as I thought, Patrick Grady…

Three errors in one sentence, and here’s your gimme: has anyone ever bought filth from me?

I don’t want him anymore.

Well, SOMEONE CERTAINLY DOES, if you consider as an indicator the email that was sent at 17:34:08 UTC, just a bit more than three hours prior.  But I just don’t know who sent it, dammit! If only I could be absolutely sure who it was, emailing me from that familiar IP address near St. Francis, Wisconsin, with an email address of, a website registered to Bill Schmalfeldt.

Aargh! So frustrating!


I have no idea why I feel this way. A week ago, I would have been happy to dash his head in with a rock.

Gee, that doesn’t sound anything like a DEATH THREAT, does it? Against a person protected from you by a Stalking No Contact Order?



So, we’ll wait on the glacier known as the US District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin to move.



Say what you want. The only thing that matters to me is how I feel about myself and whether or not Gail would be proud of me. I know she wouldn’t want me to live from court date to court date.

Time to retool, FOCUS! on making myself as close to happy as I can ever hope to be, and move on.

Good.  It shows you might be capable of learning.  I remain unconvinced.  I’ve seen this carousel spin around before, and I have a good idea what comes next.

But here’s what I wonder:

At 17:34:08 UTC, sent me an email pledging, in so many words, I’LL GET YOU IF IT’S THE LAST THING I EVER DO!


Less than an hour later, I posted a comment at Hogewash!

24 minutes after that (which is obsession-level response time) a post about my comment appeared, with a tweet to highlight it.  Contained in that post was a mention of someone who doesn’t work with me, doesn’t know me, has never met me. It was an implied threat directed at a third party who is, again for emphasis, protected from this DUMBFUCK by a Stalking No Contact Order in Illinois.

Three hours after that, this DUMBFUCK (sigh!) just doesn’t care anymore. (sigh…)


  • What happened in those three hours?
  • Did DUMBFUCK make a phone call?
  • Did someone Google DUMBFUCK by name?
  • Did DUMBFUCK find out that Capgemini knows who he is?
  • Did DUMBFUCK find out that Capgemini pushes back against deranged cyberstalkers instead of enabling them?
  • Did DUMBFUCK find out what could happen to him if HE did not curtain (curtain?  Really? Curtain? Proofread, you DUMBFUCK SOB, could you please, for the love of God?) HIS activities?

I believe that, very much like his close encounter with David Edgren, the very real prospect of very real consequences left a hot puddle of fear pee under his computer again.  Only this time, he’s got nowhere to run.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

46 thoughts on “Here’s What I Wonder About”

  1. Well, whoever sent it to you and didn't sign it, must be a coward! Step up, big man and SIGN YOUR NAME!

  2. It's not just you! looks down from here.

  3. Maybe the Mayo'd One is hiding out...those Johnny Walker benders will kick you in the ass!

  4. I do wish he'd stop trying to make his late wife into a saint. She may have been the woman on earth who treated him best, but she was most assuredly NOT the "best woman God ever put on the planet". As an alleged Roman Catholic, you'd think he'd know that title has already been granted to Mary, Mother of God. The Blessed Virgin is certainly not being supplanted by a woman so desperate that she apparently routinely slept with men on the first date and assumed that they'd never call again.

  5. OT: So I heard a story about a farmer, put his four kids in the truck to take them to town for breakfast, one Fall day. They didn't make it to town, because the farmer had made a bit of an oversight while doing a brake job on the truck the day before. No one was hurt, but they ended up half in the ditch, watching the left front tire of the truck roll away down the road. Luckily, the farmer had brought his guitar, so to calm the upset kids he sang, "Ya picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel..."

    1. Heh. I can still hear the first time I heard that joke, told by my uncle in his thick German accent.

  6. Why can't the dumb fuck get it through his head that Paul Krendler is who he says he is. We all know who Paul is His name is Paul Krendler. He is a intellectual leader of a zombie horde that enjoy mocking a certain dumb fuck and brains. These are two different passions because dumb fuck doesn't have a brain worth anything because he pickled his with cheap johhny walker red. Dumb Fuck is so in awe of Paul he even pretended to be Paul.

  7. I've always heard that whenever you're dealing or negotiating legal issues or whatnot with big companies, you don't threaten to sue unless you fully intend to.

    Threatening a suit, or tangentially dragging Corp XYZ into one, is the trip wire that shuts all discussion. It goes straight to legal. (that's corporate's name for all those lawyers on the 10 floor, DF)

    It's a lot like the Godwin's Law.

    I say, Release The Kraken!

    1. Indeed. And you don't want to pro se against an entire corporate legal department.

      Especially if your IQ is barely above room temperature.

  8. "I wasn’t aware that you had started."

    I felt that smackdown all the way out here in New England.

    The only "disappointment" about these fiskings is that their primary intended target is too stupid and self-centered to understand them.

    1. Willie is NOT an intended "target." He can't be because he is banned from this site. The only purpose is to provoke hysterical laughter to the general public.

  9. Bill will never understand that Krendler is not Grady, Lynn Thomas, Vinnie the college kid, or anyone else he has accused. Krendler is Bill. Bill created him and Bill keeps him fed. Whenever Bill looks in the mirror it's Krendler looking back at him. Every time Bill gets a case of butthurt over something Krendler writes he forgets that it's because of what HE wrote first. You would think he would have figured this all out by now cause he's smaht.

    1. Hell, Bill has sworn under penalty of perjury that he is Krendler. He "wrote" a whole book about him being Krendler and copyrighted it. Detective Jeremy Harcus ought to look into getting Blob a nice, relaxing 3 day hold.

  10. Wet-My-Pants Willie deserves everything he gets, but I feel sorry for Grady, because the delusional Cub Scout loving wackjob it taking it all out on him. Now poor Grady has to contend with more irrational behavior from Billie, and he doesn't deserve that, nor his family. If I were Grady, I would be contacting the authorities, letting them know that there is a nutcase after me, even though I have a RO against him.

    1. And he wonders why I went to the bother of getting a no contact/stalking order against him for my grandson. SMH

  11. So Bill Schmalfeldt is emailing death threats? Sounds like something Detective Jeremy Harcus might be interested in. If only he had an email address...

    Detective Harcus might also be interested in Microsoft's yanking Billy's email account for its use in sending "malware and/or child porn."

    Detective Harcus might ALSO be interested in the NINE restraining orders against Schmalfeldt in SIX states.

    Long story short: Detective Harcus might want to google "Bill Schmalfeldt"

  12. Well, since your name isn't Denis, I know that you haven't purveyed filth to anyone I know about. We only purchase from Denis who manages to find lovely bits here and there.

  13. I know others have talked about this before, but I just have to say it:

    Bill Schmalfeldt believes (swears under oath, even) that "Paul Krendler" is a pseudonym for Patrick Grady. Bill blogs about "Paul Krendler", and sends Twitter messages and email to "Paul Krendler". But Patrick Grady has a no contact order in place for Bill Schmalfeldt. So, either 1) Bill is knowingly breaking the law by violating a court order [he is a criminal and doesn't care], or 2) Bill believes he is above the law in this regard and nothing will happen from this [he is an egotistical maniac and a criminal], or 3) he actually doesn't believe the "Paul" is Patrick, and is continuing to be the biggest mendoucous twatwaffle on the internet [he is an asshole]. None of the possible options cast Bill Schmalfeldt in a positive light - would he even understand it if I did a Feldtchart for him?

  14. Bill whines all day and night about, "Why won't they just leave me alone!"

    So, for whatever reason, Paul doesn't update his blog for two days. Perhaps he was out of town, perhaps he was raising a zombie army to march on Denver, perhaps he was cooking an especially large meal, who knows? Doesn't matter.

    So, instead of quietly hoping that Paul had decided to move on and find some other target, he sends him a direct email and declares victory and vigorously pokes him, all but guaranteeing that he'll respond.

    It's a wonder he can type at all with all the burns from the hot stove on his fingers...

    1. Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt can't resist gloating over a perceived win. Which is why the DUMBFUCK loses again and again... #STFUBilly

    2. You ask the question that all of us would like to know the answer to. But, this is Bill Schmalfeldt, you know. He defies logic. I imagine that he switches to voice-to-text when all of his fingers are burned.

  15. Every bit of filth sent to my comment box from an anonymous source will be treated, on information and belief, as if it came from you.</blockquote?

    Somehow I don't think that announcing "I told him I'd treat every single comment I received that I didn't like as coming from him. They kept coming. Arrest him!" is going to have the desired effect. Unless the desired effect(s) is(are) hysterical laughter, pointing, snarking, enforcement (finally!) of the ROs, some financial penalties and/or jail time.

  16. If I can send death threats to anonymous person X, whom I think is actually known person Y, and person Y has a restraining order preventing me from contacting person Y, and the cops don't come around about a death threat contact to person Y, I'd be forced to conclude that person X is not person Y.

    But that just my cis-hetero-white-privilege-rationality talking, I suppose. Things might be different if I was a copro-homo-pudge-o-irrational person...

  17. So, at this point we can assume that Bill will assume that any email which he assumes is from Krendler is actually from that guy in Illinois....who Bill has assumed is Krendler under an assumed name. So Bill has just told the entire universe that he's going to go batshit crazy over the next million emails he gets? And this is how he's going to REDUCE the number of emails Bill gets?


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