15 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. LOL, seriously. "Above It All Bill" would be more persuasive if he weren't shitting himself with rage while he pretended to be "above it all" 😀

  2. "@WhoIsNumberNone His hangup is that he wants to be like me, but he doesn't have the talent or discipline or will to do the hard work."

    Oh my lulz...

    None of us want to be like you, Cousin.

    And a no-talent drifter/grifter like you is in no position to criticize the least of us...

    1. He claims a 30 year history of being a working journalist. (Yes, I know that's a lie based on his own published record of his jobs).

      Near as I can figure, that 30 years (Yes I know, see above) would amount to about 26 different jobs because the failure was fired so many times he could never hold a job for much more then a year.

      So Bill, who in their right mind would want to be like you? Unemployed, unemployable, constantly failed and got fired, AND abandoned your kids. Yep, that is a life to strive for. You should really see a shrink about that complex you have.

    2. Well, Willie does have point. We don't have the discipline and drive, nor are we willing to do the hard work of being a loser like him.

  3. Total Social Security spending last year = 888 billion

    Bill, if you would be so kind could you divide for us 888 billion by the amount of FICA taxes you imagine Krendler pays and tell us the amount of time Krendler per year needs to work to pay for your sorry ass? Seriously do the math for us.

    Hint: it's likely under a second of time worked and if Krendler has vacation or sick days Krendler wouldn't even have to work to pay for your dumbfuckery.

    But whatever helps a dumbfuck sleep at night.

  4. I always love it when the morbidly obese witless Willie pulls the "I'm a better writer" card. He has no national awards for any of his products. He can't even keep his relationships with charities. His only significant statistic is that he has been fired more than he has received recognition for his incredibly poor authorship.

    Of course, he'll claim he received awards and recognition for his stint at NIH. But that is just employment participation awards. All that really deserves is a "That's nice" followed by an obligatory smile and a rolling of the eyes.

    So while he *might* be able to claim he's a better writer, the facts belie his bald assertions. He eats bowls of "YOU SUCK" everyday because that's all he knows how to do.

    1. He can claim he is better but even a 4th grader knows the difference between AND and OR, which Witless Willy has proven he does not. Hell, he can't even spell his own name correctly in legal documents.

    2. I have written quite a few things for publication (not under my own name - I was an employee, writing for the company) - several book chapters and maybe 100 web articles - highly technical, of interest to an extremely small set of potential readers.

      And yet I guarantee a) more books sold, b) more eyeballs on web pages, and c) fewer typos or grammatical errors than BS ever dreamed of.

      Well, I take that back. I have no idea what his dreams might be like. And I'm not altogether sure I want to know.

      OK, I'll take that back too. I am altogether sure I do not want to know what circulates around that cranium at night.

      1. While none of the books I've been involved with/written/edited have been sold (cuz that would be BAD for what they were written for) they have a true world-wide audience. And there are definitely more of those books IN ACTUAL DAILY USE with more eyeballs on them and fewer typos and grammatical errors than Bill has ever reached himself.

        Yet somehow I don't feel the need to use that as a measuring bar to judge my accomplishments against others. Perhaps because that's not what I feel matters in this life. Interesting.

    3. Careful, MJ... Or he will selfie himself again with all those acrylic MAJOR awards (sans the slathering Mayo on his nuts so the dog will give him a tickle in his microscopic useless "special place."

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt, happy my wife died woo hoo TheMerryWidower and a TODDLERSTALKER, proves it is a no talent stooopid hack.

    This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 11:37 PM - 2 May 2016
    "Oh, @paulzkrendler, I am a far better writer than you on my worst days than you will ever be. This is nothing new to you, thief/plagiarist."

    Within two minutes, the very next tweet:

    This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 11:39 PM - 2 May 2016
    "I am retired, you're paying my salary. You are a hack, never was that I wouldn't hire to write to write laundry instructions, @paulzkrendler"

    Drunkenstein always projects its own inadequacies with 100 percent accuracy and here is a perfect example. Bill Schmalfeldt cannot punctuate, frequently doubles up its text ("to write to write"), and does not know the difference between "and" and "or."

    Earlier today we get this from the Diminished Capacity Kid:

    This Is Radio Drumpf ‏@RadioDrumpf 7:54 AM - 3 May 2016
    "PGPK is a dancing monkey. Therefore he believes everyone is a dancing monkey. @paulzkrendler inot known for being smart. GET 2 WORK! PAY ME!"

    "@paulzkrendler inot known for being smart." Gee, what's wrong with that sentence? Missing an "s" and a space, maybe? OR is it the projection?

    Bill Schmalfeldt may be merely a retired GS-13 writer-editor (which everyone knows is the equivalent of an Army Major, SO HOW CAN ANYONE CALL BILL SCHMALFELDT A STOLEN VALOR LYIN' OF LEBANON?), but does it have to continuously prove it didn't deserve that job either?


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