Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

I can’t wait until we get to the one about the Japanese hookers!

…and Hell’s Kitchen Kate.  That was during the Blind Date Soulmate Era, if I’m not mistaken?


Author: Paul Krendler

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    1. Get out of my head! Sheesh. You'd think he would be less blatant about it.

  1. When she abandons her children, leaving them to fend for themselves; or starts wearing medals that don't appear on the official paperwork; or torments a family who just lost a baby, even endangering the surviving children; attacks disabled children and publicizes their challenges; places a skull over the face of another baby; when she starts writing about young children being forced into sex acts, being urinated on, and being photographed doing these things; and if she is so excited about spending the blood money from a family member dying, and too busy putting every mortifying detail of their suffering on the internet to be with them during their last breaths - - after all, that death rattle isn't going to 'report' itself - - well, even then she wouldn't be as depraved and despicable as Bill Schmalfeldt has proven itself to be, over and over and over again.

    1. If she became an alcoholic DOLE-SUCKING TODDLERSTALKER, well, even then she wouldn't be as depraved and despicable as Bill Schmalfeldt has proven itself to be, over and over and over again.

      1. You know he's probably on the government tit because his mother didn't wean him until he was 14 or so.

        Come to think of it, that would explain a LOT of things...

        1. I think the butt-stuff obsession comes from dear old Dad........

  2. Another day, another tweet to forward to Cindy Lopez and company at Canticle and Juniper Courts!

    1. That occurred to me, too-

      How long before Cindy Lopez and company start to worry they (might?) have a ticking time-bomb living with them? Hi Brett! That one wasn't about you (for a change).

      1. I'll just leave this here...

      2. Less tovex, more methane.

        Not for lack of evil, but for lack of competence.

        Purely my personal opinion, of course.

  3. I'd like to ponder the "Navy Spokesman" for a moment since someone thinks its such an achievement.

    The incident was the grounding of the USS Enterprise in San Francisco Bay.

    If I understand Navy culture correctly, any grounding incident is a very bad no good horrible event. Careers die when that happens. I heard an anecdote from someone about the aftermath of a grounding in Pearl Harbor where if you went into a Navy popular bar just outside the Gate and order (ship name)-on-the-rocks it was an automatic fight started insult. In short, nobody wants to be in any way associated with a ship grounding.

    Now here is this enormous ship run aground on a well known and obvious hazard in a very public place. No information is known yet and no one wants anything to do with it. The Navy PR shop head looks around and asks himself, "who do I have that is expendable, and can stand up in front of the press and say the stupidest words possible in the Navy, ie: huge ass ship ran aground, we don't know, I'm not going to talk about the obvious nukes on board?".

    "Spokesman". I don't think it means what you think it means.

  4. I wonder if that is the line he successfully used on Gail: "Hey, babe, are you lusting to look at some unfamiliar cock."

    1. "Hey Gail, how about you let a REAL MAN slap you around a bit? rawr!"


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