8 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. That's basically how Popehat called it a few years ago. Teh Fat Blab has his anger and enemies, or the yawning emptiness of the abyss. No friends, no hobbies, no skills. Just sweet, sweet butthurt or oblivion with JWR.

    Sucks to be him, but he has earned every inch of the mocking, echoing darkness that surrounds him many times over.

  2. Being friendless, rejected by family, unemployed and thoroughly unemployable, leaves the loathsome loser with nothing but time and loneliness. The grotesque ghoul's day planner is always empty, leaving all the room for the only thing the St. Francis fungus has left: butthurt.

    Self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower even got fired from donating its time and efforts to collect donations for the National Parkinson's Foundation. Let that sink in. The fat freak is so repulsive a national charity demanded dementia-addled drunkenstein damaged their brand by attaching its own disgraced name.

    So talentless, such a hack, so vile, it even got "fired" from pay-per-click and totally unpaid writing positions. DUMBF5CK likes to blame rwnj, but rwnj didn't "trick" it into posted the anal rape fantasy (or maybe confession), that got it repugnant self banned from the very left-wing Daily KOS.

    NINE restraining orders may actually be a record. But I'm confident the repeatedly adjudicated harasser and stalker, adjudicated toddlerstalker, will once again, beat its own record. You know, like it always manages to prove that yes, it can be more vile; yes, it can be more stoooooooooopid.

  3. Bill has been quiet the past few days. I think when he brought up the pain of his childhood and being thrown out of the locker room naked in front of cheerleaders (I'm sure all of them pointing and laughing at his tiny willy) has seemingly sent him into full blown depression mode again. That and his suit being tossed out likely this month and having yet another woman laughing at him.

    1. No, he's too busy researching and writing a mangina-carta appeal to his imminent court dooms.
      Spending half the day on hold waiting for his web-lawyers to respond and the other half sharpening his crayons.

      A month from now, we should take up a collection to buy DF a spool of fishing line and a hook so he can scooty puff (it's red, vroom VROOM!) his lard ass to the lake and fish for something worth keeping.

      I hear rolled stink-bait is good for catfish.....

  4. Once again Bill volunteers an embarrassing episode from his past. If not for his compulsive over-sharing Ray would be the only member of the Horde who could needle him about it...

    If I don't want anyone to know about something in my past I don't talk about it. Easy-peasy for anyone except Teh Blabber.

    1. For some unfathomable reason he just doesn't seem to get that. If he hadn't said something about it - usually over and over again - we wouldn't know a damn thing about it. But, instead, he verbally vomits up something and then is shocked - SHOCKED I SAY! - that people are either pointing and laughing at it or looking at it in disgust saying "ewwwww!"

  5. So instead of The Incredible Hulk, we have The Incredulous Butthurt? Schmalfeldt RAWR! Schmalfeldt SMASH!

    1. More like... Schmalfeldt RAWR, Schmalfeldt Smash, Schmalfeldt.....pant, pant, pant.... Schmalfeldt... snneerkkkllllxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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