Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

The pot calls the kettle black:

says the DUMBFUCK who got his Microsoft Outlook account perma-banned for “using your account for illegal activity; to spread malware or to view/distribute child pornography.”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. If it weren't for projection, the loathsome loser might have to look in the mirror.

    I'd pay a LOT to see the grotesque ghoul suffer self-awareness.

  2. Oh look, someone used a server in the Amazon cloud. And someone used a IP address that was sorta near someone who happens to live sorta near where 70% of the nations internet traffic passes through. He really is that fucking stupid isn't he?

    1. "He really is that fucking stupid isn't he?"

      Is the sky blue?

      Does the Pope shit the woods?

      Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

      Are boobs good?

        1. Woods the shit? That's a completely different catholic facility resident.

  3. When dealing with Willie, you must remember the level of derpitude that is in play. I have lived a long, long time, but I have heard no one BUT Witless say anything close to "Stop defaming me: that prostitute I bragged about screwing on stage in front of a paying audience while married was NOT a trannie."

    1. embrace the nuance, kind of like posting semi naked pictures from a rent subsidized apartment complex run by nuns, with a sweet child of gods face tattooed on his butt. After all there is a reputation to consider

  4. Purloined Parodies
    If I were to decide to roll, it would make you cry and you would never recover.

    11:39pm · 23 May 2016

    I would like to add a few caveats to this:

    If the heavyweight DUMBFUCK decided to roll from the top of a long hill, and someone happened to be at the bottom, and was not ambulatory enough to get out of the way, or by some freak of nature... um.. well, happened to actually aim your massive rolling weight with any precision and managed to hit a completely unaware humanoid being -

    Then.. Yes, yes it is possible that such a scenario would render the victim unable to recover, Bill.

    However, scientifically speaking, there is a 99.999999% chance that your attempt at rolling someone over to where recovery is impossible will never be achieved in this lifetime because - DUMBFUCK.

    1. The return of "Badass Bwilly...."

      Oh, how we have missed thee....

      Because the unhinged rantings of a barely literate no necked Twatwaffle are just SO intimidating. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

      Fuck off, you 12 chinned waste of space.

      1. Oh yes, Badass Bwilly..

        The most dangerous disabled widower with Stage 10 Gazillion Parkinson' that God put on this earth to destroy, maim and bring destruction on right wing nuts.

        His tales are legendary in the cranial halls where his scrambled brain resides.

  5. Purloined Parodies

    Not as wrong as pretending I used an Outlook account to spread malware and kiddy porn with NO EVIDENCE. But that's how YOU roll. Not me.

    12:38am · 24 May 2016

    Gee if only there were some evidence that Bill got his Outlook account taken away because he was sending malware and/or child porn. Evidence like maybe an email to Bill from Microsoft stating exactly that. Gee, I wonder if such a thing exists? Oh, I almost forgot, Bill posted that email himself. That's exactly why he was banned from their service. Or is Bill now claiming that he forged that email to frame himself?


    1. Yeah, he posted it...but he thought either we wouldn't read it, or we'd take their refusal to detail exactly which parts of his kiddy porn and malware collection were 'over the line' as a lack of evidence of wrongdoing.

  6. Purloined Parodies

    New #Podcast "Never Fear the Talking Dead" An hour look look at the most spine tingling horror from old time radio.

    1:45am · 24 May 2016

    Now he's ripping off "Fear the Walking Dead" An "Talking Dead" the show that follows it to discuss the episode. That man never has an original idea does he?

    Wait, I take that back. I'm pretty sure that he is the first person in history to think up, write , produce, and record multiple skits about young boys being anally raped and urinated on while adults encourage and watch. There's some original thinking for you.

    1. He hasn't got an original bone in his body.

      Well, not since the Japan/tranny incident, at least.

  7. As usual, Billy's attempts to intimdate us FAILS MASSIVELY


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