Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

Someone has shown recently that he had no idea how to properly execute a fisking.

School is in.


Absolutely. Observe:

Social Security is a DOLE?

Is it “1. a portion or allotment of money, food, etc., especially as given at regular intervals by a charity or for maintenance?”

It is?

Then YES.

It’s a DOLE.

Vets benefits a DOLE?

Is it “1. a portion or allotment of money, food, etc., especially as given at regular intervals by a charity or for maintenance?”

It is?

Then YES.

It’s a DOLE.

Disability retirement a DOLE?

Is it “4. any similar payment by a government to an unemployed person?”

It is?

Then YES.

It’s a DOLE.

Face it, DUMBFUCK: you are a prime sucker of government tit, and a complete waste of tax dollars.  In the utopian society your pal Bernie Sanders imagines, you would long ago have been taken off to the farm to play all day with all the other happy animals. (It’s a euphemism.)

Oh, @paulzkrendler. I make more than YOU do.

I can only assume that you’re referring to what you make in your didies.  Otherwise it ain’t true.  Because you wouldn’t have filed LOLSuit V as a pauper, now would ya? Not unless you’re a lying shitbag who got caught out by a retired Alaska lawyer and fled the state like a fucking pussy to avoid that fallout.

Nah.  Couldn’t be.  Because you make more than I do.

An admission I’m sure WJJ Hoge III is going to enjoy using against you.


Where do you think I am, DUMBFUCK?  Right here, in my office. At my job. Which I have. Despite your very best efforts.

Because “Google Bill Schmalfeldt” works wonders.

Dance, monkey.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Vet benefits he got by being a worthless piece of shit goldbrick and falling down some stairs...

    You proud of that, you worthless fuck?

    I would love to roll in a half dozen REAL disabled vets and have them observe you getting your well deserved legal comeuppance from someone who has done the time downrange. We could all applaud as they haul your fat ass to jail for vet disability fraud.

    Do the world a favor and suck start a shotgun, Lyin' of Lebanon.

    1. LOL, drunken Bill Schmalfeldt falls down stairs, scams social security, calls it a "SALARY"
      What a fucking sociopath.

  2. Good God, Schmalfeldt is a DUMBFUCK.

    How the fuck did you get a GS-13 job? My guess, you lied a bunch on your application. Or knew someone. No way in hell you could get a GS-13 job without lying somewhere.

    1. My guess, you lied a bunch on your application.

      I'd expect that his application would be very, very, very interesting.

      Having been a Fed for a while, a Disabled Vet is (surprisingly!) hard to find, and worth megacreds in the Fed hiring system.

      It wouldn't be hard to play that up, embellish a few stories, after all, this is the Lyin of Lebanon here, and tada.

      Even so, as a former fed, what's telling is that he admits he got a bad review.


      The vets we had that were utterly, totally worthless*, got "Acceptable" reviews. They wasted some office space, burned some electricity to their computers, and were nice enough sorts, but had no business being in those jobs**.
      Some knew it, and tried to be as helpful as possible, some didn't, and tried to do their best job possible (making it harder on everyone who did know what they were doing.)

      But none *ever*, *ever*, *EVER* got a bad review. (Some of the justifications really were deserving of some literary awards.)
      Taken that metric... how bad, for how long, it had to be for him to get a bad review, and be asked to leave.

      But he wasn't there that long. Which means it was that bad. Quickly. Every day.
      He says he was allowed to work from home. This seems highly unlikely (but things might have changed since I was there.)
      Unless it was that bad.

      Having written "some" reviews, in order to give a bad one - especially to a protected class - there would have to be a trail of paperwork, counselling (at least between supervisory chain and probably outside counselors). We used to joke about calling it the "Trail of Tears".

      * We had some outstanding vets who did a standout job, and would have been qualified without their service.
      ** One of the real annoyances in the Fed system was you had be tasked and evaluated*** on the job you were "Hired to do". You couldn't (officially) change job duties and responsibilities. There was some working-around in it, but if you were hired to IT, you couldn't get moved to, say, HR, even if that was a far better use of your abilities.
      *** Evaluations/metrics written by someone who'd never done any of the work, often cut and pasted from outside contractor reports, and as nonsensical as you'd expect.

    1. Is the evidence on that firm? I can think of some local St Francis Wisconsin newspapers which might be interested in such a story. See if there's a VFW post out there, while you're at it... 😉

      1. Based strictly on his publicly available DD214 and other enlistment records, apparently yes. I have seen what are purportedly those records and it looks like it to my untrained eyes. However I have not deeply investigated it.

  3. For a lot of Teh Blab's military claims yes, but for the command-related medals I'm not so sure. The Navy awards web site shows an Expeditionary Medal and a single Meritorious Unit Commendation for my time on board, I recently found the original MUC commendation signed by the CO for TWO MUCs, yet neither award nor the Sea Service medal my DD214 shows I'm qualified for show up on it....

    Cross-checking Teh Blab's service dates with his commands may show he is entitled to them, as unlikely as that may be.

    I'm all for hammering Teh Blab into rubble for his sins and actions, but the medal issue is one I'm not so sure about.

    1. Blob tells the story that when he did his personnel record review, he had people in the car waiting on him. He didn't want to inconvenience them and so he just signed the form so he could collect his money and go. His account of what actually transpired has never been consistent. The latest version states that when he asked the clerk about the discrepancy, he was told it would take two weeks to verify. A couple of other Navy people on Team Free Speech have disputed that claim since all the information would have been right there for the clerk to review. He said he needed to get going because he wanted his $20+K money and to end his rather unremarkable career (so that he could end up being unremarkable the rest of his life.)

      He may have been entitled to wear the ribbons, but he has no definitive proof he met the qualifications, and has never shown any record that backs up his claim. On the other hand, an investigation into his personnel records has shown that Bill has told falsehoods about his service, in which Bill has changed his story on several occasions as to actual events.

      He is particular about people "misrepresenting" his version of events that are always changing that he now sues people in court. Until Bill can demonstrably back up his claims with actual proof, I have no problem casting any of his narratives as false.

        1. GIVE ME ROY OR EVERYBODY GOES and then gets dismissed with prejudice?

        2. Funny, it's as if Bill Schmalfeldt is worried about what a few well-served subpoenas might turn up regarding the rape and fraud allegations about him. Hmmm....

  4. Another lie from Bill Schmalfeldt. He doesn't "make" any income - it is all doled out to him for no work. In that regard, it doesn't matter how much it is - he doesn't earn it.

    Is there any wonder that a DUMBFUCK who doesn't know the difference between "and" and "or" doesn't understand dole versus pay?

  5. Teh Blab's claim of a massive income makes his IFP fraud even more blatant.

    Alex, I'd like "Admissions Against Interest" for $1000, please.....


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