Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!


Of course he wants to buy stuff.  Something has to compensate for having no one to talk to.

But I wonder what he needs me for?  Could the blood money be running out? You know, $9000 just doesn’t go as far as it used to…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. It goes about as far as a un-needed Scooty Puff (it's RED vroom, VROOM!) and a lolsuit. Hope he saved enough for possible sanctions and attorney's fees.

    1. Actually, it seems unlikely that self-interest would suggest retaining assets for such an eventuality.

  2. Maybe the loathsome loser wants to get some earrings to match that ultra-tacky chain? Maybe even the selfie-addict is trying anything to distract from that vile visage.

    Who else thinks the grotesque ghoul took that selfie to use on a dating profile? Self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower has been without a captive nurse for months now. How long is appropriate for a dementia-addled drunkenstein to wait without risking its self-conferred title of the griefiest grieving griever evah?

    If the malignant monster can't find someone that revolting and desperate, it will certainly die all alone. You know, like the fat freak's "soulmate" was all alone. She was totally ignored because it was busy on the internet describing her death-rattle, and too busy stalking and attacking strangers.


    1. Now you've gone and done it. We can start the pool now on pronouncements of make believe replacement girlfriend and too much info about that.

  3. I wonder if he has permission to rebroadcast the "Thom Hartmann Program" on his internet radio station.

    1. Sure he does.

      Just not from Thom Hartmann.

      I'm sure the lovely and talented Cindy has given her blessing, though...

      1. You know, there's some interesting copyright, licensing and royalty laws which can reach out and smash apartment houses if their tenants fuck up.

        You know who'd be an expert on that very issue? RANDAZZA.

        Might want to advise Cindy Lopez & Canticle and Juniper Courts to give him a call...

  4. One day, Bill is going to regret not being a better human being, and it will happen a lot sooner than he thinks.

    1. MJ, for that to happen Teh Blabber would have to admit he isn't a stellar success in life... His dented head would explode first.

      I'm hoping the objective tests for Parkinson's Disease are available soon enough to unmask that SOB and expose him to prosecution for disability fraud....

    2. I use to give him a bit of humanity.
      But if you think to hard, he has never, ever, exhibited a glimmer of understanding, a shred of humility, or an ounce of truth. All his efforts are towards destruction and self-aggrandizement.
      Even when it comes to his family. If he drops dead tomorrow from a coronary in dealing with his trail of spew, even the devil is going to roll his eyes for having to take him in.

    1. Teh Blab has never *worked* a day in his life, so how could he tell the difference? He only got a check from any job until they figured out a way to dispose of his useless carcass...

      I'm truly surprised he made it thru Navy boot camp without earning himself a blanket party after fucking up *again* and costing his company extra effort.

  5. Hey Dumbfuck! Why don't you sell some books or some comedy or something?

  6. Typical.... NO one ANYWHERE will pay Teh Blabber to work for them (or even raise funds on their behalf) so he mocks those who who do.

    Take the CURE, Bill.


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