11 thoughts on “Conjunction Junction, DUMBFUCK Dysfunction”

  1. bwahahahaha

    Demented DUMBF5CK drunkenstein cites something that totally refutes the fat freak's argument, aka, day ending with a 'y.'

  2. I'll just leave this here...

    1. Wow. That looks expensive. It might be able to pay for an hour or so of Aaron's time.

  3. He should've used "or" and not "and" AND that's a fact.

    And what does Bill have against people who clean their house? I shine my door knobs with windex whenever I wash the windows. I guess you could call me a proud knob shine.

    Bill is a stalwart progressive so obviously he wasn't using "knob shine" negatively and referencing homosexuals.

  4. We know Bill reads this, so I'm going to ask here, where he'll see it:

    Bill, what did *I* say that "forced" you to doxx me? ISTR I expressed agreement with someone's judgement of your fucked-up priorities. If that's not proof that you attack people for just giving you butthurt, I don't know what is.

    I'll never contact you, I'll never comment on any site you control. I'll continue to make observations of what a sad POS you are, and do what I can to inform people of your behavior. You want it to stop? Stop being an ass. Stop suing over butthurt. Stop making threats. Stop printing lies.

    1. crawford, we all know he CAN'T stop - he does not have the mental strength to resist the impulses or the intelligence to avoid the poor choices. He won't stop until the courts force him to. And they have proven they won't take the needed steps until Bill starts attacking their own. Until then, we just have to hold the fort (and point and laugh).

      1. Sure he can stop. Once his computer is taken and sold to pay judgment(s) against him, it get a lot more difficult, to be sure.

        However, he'll find some public computer, then, to use.

        So, the real point would be:

        Nobody lives forever, and, so far as we know:

        Dead DUMBFUCKS post no butthurt.

        Ooo, want that on a coffee cup!

    2. "You want it to stop? Stop being an ass. Stop suing over butthurt. Stop making threats. Stop printing lies."
      This. This times 1 BILLion!


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