Congratulations, DUMBFUCK!

Apparently someone has figured out how to keep everyone from reading his blog.

Now only Mark in MD can read him.

Maybe Bunny Boy.  Wee Willie the Mook.

If they accepted his invitation. A dubious proposition at best.

But don’t worry.  The brief joy of hiding under the porch from everyone whose sites he visits stalks looking for butthurt (even though he has to work around a one-user ban in some cases) will soon wear off…

And he’ll get bored…

And lonely…

Because he has no friends…

And no one wants anything to do with him except the voices in the clouds…

And when he can no longer bear the isolation, he’ll be back!

Because he always comes back. He has nothing else. His butthurt is everything to him.

So…I think he’ll pop back out about this time tomorrow.

Until then, just enjoy the temporary black hole in the universe of web stupidity.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Congratulations, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. You mean someone actually looks at DUMBFUCK 'S blog other than the defendants lawyer because it's a gold mine of dumbfuckery and admissions against interest?

    1. I look at it (even now, when it's supposedly private) because unintended humor is the best kind, when the creator is a DUMBFUCK.

      I might be lying, of course. It could be that I've never seen any of his sites except via archives.

  2. I don't think even the cloud is having anything to do with the demented drunkenstein any longer...

  3. There's a very specific word I use to describe when Butthurt Bill climbs into his hole and locks the door behind him only to be opened by people that beseech him for permission.

    That word is victor.

    Now to complete the job with the Twitter manifestations.

    1. geez, the dumbfuckery is starting to get to me. Who knew he was contagious?

      add a "y", or maybe I should just speel it "victor-OR-y".

      Which reminds me is there such a thing as Dumbfuck Gate that says its supposed to OR the inputs but will actually AND them when you fuck up and really meant to AND them?


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