9 thoughts on ““But We’re Totally Not Engaged In A Conspiracy, UGYZ!””

  1. You'd think that at some point each of them would look around and think, "Why am I hanging around with such losers?" Each of them have to think they're so much better than the others.

    I mean, one is a disgusting, dementia addled liar and fool with depraved fantasies about cub scouts, banned from virtually every site its ever fouled with its presence, and virtually no family or even an irl.

    Another is a convicted violent felon sentenced to 50 years in prison who purportedly made a hit list while in jail, caused the death of a vet by leaving a bomb at a high school football game, and is believed to have had a grandma killed because she wouldn't let him molest her granddaughter and who imported a 14-15 years old bride when he was in his 40's.

    Another thinks there is such a thing a kiddie pr0n that 'isn't that bad', lives in its mother's basement, and also seems to have no irl, maybe because he's bitter and angry, but that's a chicken/egg thing.

    Yet another was actually imprisoned for having kiddie pr0n that apparently was 'that bad' according the court, and reportedly is such a loser he lived in someone else's mother's basement.

    And the final one is just an all around doofus, so dumb he wrote on the internet about being cuckolded, and who may be even less respected than the one with dementia, if that's even possible. So dumb, in fact, he claims the above losers and/or deviants as his pals. By far the least interesting at the cannery, no doubt.

    Yeah, you'd think that each of them would look at the others and think,"I'm better than these freaks. Why am I hanging out with such losers? And what am I risking besides any remaining fragment of self-respect and legal liabilit?"

    You'd be wrong if you thought that. But that's ok, if any of them actually had that thought that they're better than those despicable lowlifes and criminals, they'd be wrong too.

  2. Jane, I think you are missing the main reason these losers are together. They are a Pedo support group, clinging to each other, giving each other the support they need to continue in their derange stalkings and public ravings.

    Maybe we should start calling them Team Circle Jerk, because that what it is.

    1. I didn't miss it; I chose to make a different point. There is also a lot more that could be written about each of them, but I chose just a few basics to make the point that each of them should be embarrassed that they fit in with that deviant and/or criminal group.

      For example, no decent parent would allow any of them near their child. Think about it: Would any of them ask the terrified tiny terrorist to babysit their 12 year old daughter? If they say they would they're either lying (cos that's what they do), or even more depraved than I thought. Would any of them ask the fat freak to babysit their child, either gender, especially if their child is a cub scout?

      As another example, each tells blatant and ridiculous lies. Are they foolish enough to believe someone who regularly lies makes an exception for them, and only tells them the truth? Are they so naïve that they think someone who plays semantics and flat out lies to a judge, you know, someone who can put him in jail for lying, or for just being disrespectful, is always honest with them because they're just that special?

      Looked at another way, hypothetically, you're new in town, someone tells you a group they're acquainted with needs one more for golf, hoops, baseball or something. That group includes a convicted domestic terrorist believed by many to have had a grandma murdered to further a pedophilic interest, etc.; a dementia addled freakshow slapped with NINE restraining orders for stalking and harassment who writes anal rape and cub scout fantasies, etc.; another who went to prison for kiddiepr0n - - by this point any normal person has heard enough to know they want no part of this group.

      I could go on, and maybe others will, but bottom line:

      They are the personification of that old Groucho Marx line, "I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member."

  3. Except that these guys are more numerous, they remind me of Lucy and Ethel on the old Lucille Ball Show. They always have a new brilliant plan, and it always blows up in their faces.

    Go into any blue collar bar of an afternoon. The odds are high that one of the TVs is tuned to TruTV because the barfiles love to see people who are even more witless than they are. How can I be a loser: just see what real losers look like.

    1. He's a jet fuel genius, he could solve the world's problems without even trying.
      He's got dozens of friends and the fun never ends, that is as long as he's buying.

      ...wrote that myself...

      1. Well if you hang out in blue collar bars, buying a round or two from time to time is sort of an insurance policy.


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