4 thoughts on “BREAKING!! Big News! Must Credit Thinking Man’s Zombie!”

  1. Yeah, I would be surprised if it is only one of Team PEDO also.

  2. I don't think this would appeal to Team Pedo. No child has an ass that fat and amorphous. In fact, that sight might end homosexuality in our lifetime: I seriously doubt that anyone is so kinky as to wish to see that disrobed.

  3. Bill repeatedly makes audio skits about cub scouts being anally raped and urinated on in which he seems to delight in voicing the young lads himself.

    Bill approached a minor male on an internet forum and described his desire to touch his penis against the young lads "swollen anal tissue".

    Bill Photoshoped an underage John Hoge into a gay porn scene so disgusting that the court immediately had it sealed.

    Now Bill is posting photos of what could very well be an underage boy nude with just a bit of blur.

    It really makes you wonder about Team Kimberlin. After all, they have all expressed a desire to have sex with minors. Birds of a feather and all.


    If Bill ever makes it past a MTD I'd LOVE to see this all come out in open court. It would wonderful watching him trying to tap dance away from the foul things he's said and written about minor boys.


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