16 thoughts on “You Know How I Know Bill Schmalfeldt Is A Lying Shitbag?”

  1. Out of the 1,000's of employees, I know for a FACT that there are two Grady's that work for CBRE.
    I know for a FACT that CBRE told him today to POUND SAND.
    Bill, for $5,000, I'll offer proof of either. But not both.

    I'll be in touch....

    1. I saw that Bill claimed to have spoken to IT people at two companies and that they both helped him out and told him he was right.

      He's lying through his teeth.

      First, any accusation against an employee would go to HR *and* legal before IT. If the accused isn't an employee, then it would just go to legal. These groups would contact IT -- who would point out the multiple technical errors in the accusation, and how most of it has no bearing on anything the company has any control or interest in. It would likely end there -- though HR might follow up on it with the employee, and add a note about the restraining order and the stalker, so next time it gets quashed quicker.

      Second, the *primary* question all these groups would be considering is "what is the company's legal exposure on this matter?" Giving information to someone outside the company -- ESPECIALLY someone threatening the company with a lawsuit -- increases the company's exposure, so they would NOT do that.

      Accusations of criminal activity would be met with "please make a report to law enforcement". There might be some internal investigation afterwards, but they wouldn't communicate it to an outsider -- again, legal exposure for the corporation is their primary concern.

      So the question comes down to: Why did Schmalfeldt tell such an obvious and clumsy lie, and what did he think he'd gain from it?

      1. It's like watching him tell us about what Ely said. Except Ely didn't say anything remotely what Bill claims.

        He may have talked to someone, but I guarantee you it wasn't the conversation he thinks he had.

      2. Rob, he tells these lies, in public, to convince himself that he is not the complete failure and absolute scumbag that he knows he is deep down inside. This false narrative, as transparent as glass and as flimsy as wet tissue paper, is what he projects into the world as a way to keep from thinking about how he has failed at everything he has done, and managed to repulse everyone who got close to him. They are primarily lies he is telling himself - we just get to laugh at them too.

        1. I would suggest that perhaps, as an Omega, he assumes many others are craven and cowardly as is he. That with the right combination of bluster, bravado and mendacity he can get them to break down and beg for mercy.

      3. Clear evidence that Cousin Bill has never held a position higher than "peon" in a real company.

        Even the shift managers at Jack-in-the-Box understand these things.

    2. It seems to me that Dumbfuck to be under the impression that you're Paul Krendler.

      Dumbfuck's gotta dumbfuck as usual. As usual, it's a day that ends in y.

  2. I noticed he chose another crazy eye photo to illustrate his twitter feed. Lazy eye is actually a sign of mental problems, such as schizophrenia, delusional disorders and faulty wiring all round.

    So he's got that going for him when his schmycle rage lands him in the pokey.

  3. No matter which day, always, always lying, even when the truth would serve self-titled happy my wife died theMerryWidower much better.

    And since the fat freak is such a terrible and obvious liar, that's pretty much always.

  4. 'evidence' is such an ethereal word.
    Cold Hard Cash is Rock Solid.

  5. Touch me Bill. Touch me.


    $5,000. But I become bored.

    1. If we've learned anything from DUMBFUCK Schmalfeldt's transactions with JustAnswer Attorneys-at-Law, it's the Billy never pays for evidence he's WRONG. He only pays for answers that validate his moronic confirmation biases.

      Which is pretty much why Bill Schmalfeldt's life has been one vile FAIL after another.

      On the plus side, MORE LULZ FOR US! 😀


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