Who The Hell Is “Sarah Pallmer?”

And more importantly, where can I get one of those cool uniforms you have to wear for blustering?


No, seriously – did you INTEND to make 7 mistakes in just 140 characters, Mr. GS-13? (I deduce that you meant the first word to be ALLCAPS, or it would be 8 mistakes, DUMBFUCK.)

Either wait for the hangover to pass or pour a little hair of the dog before you tweet.

Now go sniff a turd, toddlerstalker.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Who The Hell Is “Sarah Pallmer?””

  1. Oh, not merely a toddlerstalker... a toddlerstalker who's been slapped with at least NINE restraining orders.

    Has anyone even heard a rumor of anyone with that many restraining orders against them from at least five states??

    1. Ah, but those court orders are all the result of a conspiracy against him! The proof is in the way they all have similarities, like naming him, describing his behavior, and being written in English!

    2. NINE restraining orders...and, as of this morning, almost as many DENIED motions in a certain Wisconsin LOLSUIT

  2. He's all in a huff that a girl basically told him he's stupid. And she is right. So bluster and pound at the keyboard. lololololol

    1. He also seemed to misunderstand my point. I didn't set out to prove one way or the other if Aaron send that picture. Frankly, I don't care, and normal people who don't get their panties in a twist over ewww-y pictures wouldn't care either.

      What I cared about is that he expected Aaron to actually tell him something that is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS. It's part of his pattern - the demanding of information (and yes, his email demanded it in so many words) and then saying that if you don't give it to him it means you're guilty anyway. Even if you're not. The rest was just incidental pointing and mocking because yeah, he is stupid.

      Somehow I don't think he wants me to get into a sideline portion of the emails he sent that I touched upon in my post. lololol

  3. Is it stalking when he blasted it out to the general world via a link on teh Twitterz? Somehow I don't think someone quite understands what "stalking" is.

  4. And what about the uniformed bluster? Did he not show up for work? Is he wearing the wrong uniform? Something written this poorly would get a failing grade from almost any grade school teacher out there. But we're supposed to accept that the writer of this grammatical dreck was/is a professional. (Professional what?).

    Dementia usually affects the later memories and learned skills first, so for someone who is still allegedly capable of living on his or her own to write this badly on a routine basis strongly suggests that they were never a good (or even passable) writer to begin with.

    1. LG, there is no proof that he was EVER a good (or passable) writer. He had only one job using those "skills" that lasted more than 18 months, and that was a government job - and he left that job with a poor performance review. I doubt that his collection of books has sold more than 100 copies in total (almost all of the sales were likely to opponents as reference for future lawsuits). In fact, the evidence suggests that he is NOT a competent writer, as proven by the tweet at the top of this post. Just how do you make that many mistakes in under 140 characters?

      1. AD, it's all in how you define a "good writer."

        To the best of my knowledge, and anyone who can show differently should feel free to correct me, he does restrict himself to the letters, numbers, and punctuation marks of the English language. Whether he uses them correctly is another question, but his typing does at least resemble English, and the words are sometimes in the correct order.

        He probably believes that is sufficient.

        1. I would say that his typing is more "aware that English exists" than actually resembling it. I can see no similarity between what he types and the English I was taught in school.

  5. Speaking of bluster, does anyone remember the admittedly long departed days when it was loudly and repeatedly proclaimed that BPO and Ash were going to default in the suit against them.

    That particular bluster was uniform for a while as well as being uninformed.


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