13 thoughts on “When I Hit “Post” I Be Like…”

  1. EVERYBODY likes reading about the Diminished Capacity Kid. The fact that he's subhuman, yet still so smug makes for a compelling presentation. His creating a permanent legal record of it ensures that future generations will enjoy the lulz until the End Times.

    1. I'm having a book ghost-written, to be published after Dear Cousin shuffles off this vale of tears...

      Current working title is "DUMBFUCK: Tale of The Diminished Capacity Kid"...

      1. I have dibs on the biography. I suspect that you'll be the only person who admits to being a Schmalfeldt on the record.

      2. Let me know where you're going to hold book signings. I will want all mine autographed.

        1. We'll know the signature is authentic because it looks nothing like any of the others.

  2. And the funniest part comes when DUMBFUCK shits himself with RRRRRAGE as a result.

  3. Every so often, I remember the time Bill Schmalfeldt claimed that all the online mockery was hastening his death.

    And then I hit "post". And LOL.

  4. OMG the funny and hilarious Bill Schmalfeldt photoshopped poop over the brains of Paul Krendler!!!

    How funny is that?

    And no retweets or likes either..

    Take the cure, you're done.


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