12 thoughts on “The Hallmark of a DUMBFUCK”

  1. Dementia-addled drunkenstein hallucinated some of those things that aren't so, causing the loathsome loser to believe the hallucination was something seen with its own very creepy eyes. hahaha

  2. There are two types of 'progressives';
    Pig Ignorant, or lying, cheating, thieves.

    (did I just say that out loud?)
    naw I didn't think so....

    1. Sometimes we embrace the power of 'AND' around here.

      Somebody who knows better than I could re-tell the tale of Hell's Kitchen Kate...

  3. I am going to have to cast my counter number_of_times_Bill_Schmalfeldt_lied from an int to a long int. Another case in point, Bill tells this whopper: ”And absolutely EVERYBODY who felt the sting of my horrible, mystical DOXXING power asked for it by being a knob shine and leaving profane comments on my website

    Note the use of "and" - Bill may have a (false) opinion that my comments at Hogewash and here were me being "a knob shine" (he is entitled to his opinion, however wrong it is), but I have NEVER left a comment on one of his dozens of websites. Given how few people have made comments at his sites, it is likely that everybody he has doxxed/fail-doxxed has never made comments at his site. He lies again. Continuously. Poorly.

    1. I have never commented on his sites -- except that I've commented about his sites while on my own site.
      Since Bill deletes his sites, never publishes comments, and he alone determines what a "knob shine" is, maybe once again he's stated something which makes no sense.

      1. It makes sense. He is judge, jury, and prosecutor: it's a rule under which he always gets to win. It greatly annoys him, however, that people either refuse to accept his rule or apply his own rule against himself far better than his own inept attempts to apply it to others.

        Here is how it works.

        Let's say, hypothetically of course, that Witless Willie demands to see a baby's death certificate. In my opinion, that would make him a knob shine so it would be perfect parody, of the performance art variety, to ask him to produce a death certificate for his wife plus a coroner's report ruling that her death was natural.

        Witless Willie calls a man a pimp for the man's own wife. In my opinion, that makes Witless a knob shine so it is perfectly OK to call Willie's wife a whore so well known that she did not even need a pimp. The fact that the latter statement is untrue just increases the power of the parody of his original statement.

        Owen Johnson named the technique of which Krendler is an undoubted master: the superiority of the superlative over the comparative.

        1. Oh, but it's butthurt in the eleventy-eth degree if you do the asking or the calling in those hypothetical situations. And that means he can do whatever he wants to "get" you as a result of the butthurt. Because he's a special snowflake that way and can't take what he dishes out. So the Schmalfeldt rule 285 states anyway.

    2. AD, you may have forgotten for the moment that Schmalbrain was a government civilian employee. as such, you can expect him to be less than competent at whatever job for which he was collecting a check. So it stands to reason, as a GS-13 writer/editor, he would naturally be sub-literate, unable to discern the shades of meaning between "and" and "or."

      Or maybe it's nothing to do with government employment. He's always been a stupid, horrible person, after all.

  4. Is it true that WMS-radio stands for Wets My Self radio? It seems too good to be true, but it would avoid any claim that someone's name was being misappropriated.

  5. I wonder if PK will receive notice from a certain greeting card company requesting he cease and desist using a certain person's appellation in conjunction with the company name, lest that association mar its brand? There is precedent, after all!


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