The Composting of the Blogs

So that all whining about rebranding might end,

and not at all because I am being sued

I have redirected every blog I currently operate to this blog.

Which is registered in Wisconsin, where I have lived since August 2015, and not Maryland, where I don’t live any more. Just forget about all those other blogs I used to have that were registered in Maryland when I was violating the settlement agreement between John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and myself. They’ve all been deleted and actually they never even existed and you are all just crazy. #shithouserat

This one master blog. – the only blog I have ever, ever had. 

This blog.

Because I don’t have any other blogs. Especially not with a registration in Maryland, where the settlement agreement between John Schmidt and me is enforceable.

Every link to any other blog should bring you straight away to this blog.

But I don’t have any other blogs where any violations of the settlement agreement never happened. Because those blogs never existed. So why would there be any other links to bring you to this blog? What are you, an idiot?

This one.

Not Patriotic-Ombudsman. Not Liberally Grouchy. Not Turdsniffers’R’Us. Not Zombie Andrew Breitbart. Not The Gimpy Weeper. Not Apocalypse Gazette. Not Cub Scout Parody Records. Not Toddlerstalker Today. That was some other Bill Parvocampus. Not me.

Right here. This one. – registered right here in the good ol’ Badger State of Wisconsin for nearly two whole days!

OK? Thanks.

Oopsie Poopsie (hence the title).


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “The Composting of the Blogs”

    1. Uh, uh, um... that dna is there 'cos the fat freak fell on her/him... um... due to... um... stage MCXLIAR pd... er... um... due to... um... a prank gift of manure... um... that the grotesque ghoul opened... er... um... that the loathsome loser's late wife opened... er... um... and that letter that it wrote and tweeted about writing but then when it realized was an enforceable violation of a restraining order did what it always does - - it lied and denied -- and eventually, totally forgot it really wrote, was written and delivered as part of a conspiracy. A conspiracy called "Team Themis... er, um... Team That Guy!, which is a cult of personality... um... um... under penalty of perjury...

  1. Where, I wonder, did he get the idea that this action would control issues of personal jurisdiction during the time he committed the torts? Since it's only effect will be to highlight to the court that attempts to erase and re-write history is his typical method of dealing with adverse facts, it was pretty much the worst thing he could have done.

    1. That's to be expected from a lifelong fool now addled by dementia. The loathsome loser claims the dementia affects its "executive functioning" as if that's something other than literally its ability to think or reason.

      The fat freak has never been smart -- its entire estate can fit in a small pickup -- but now, even what little intellectual ability it had appears to be gone. Rational, cogent discourse could truly appear to be gibberish to the grotesque ghoul if it's as far gone as it appears.

    2. Oh, if he thinks that could help him, he ought to have a sane and intelligent person, like a lawyer, for example, read that settlement order for him, and explain it to him in words of few syllables. Contracts like that don't just expire because you rolly-walked your sagging ass over a state line.

      1. It doesn't expire just because he moved, and it binds him to the authority of the Maryland courts. JTMP and VRUS are really going to have to up their contribution drives to pay all of Bill's and Brett's legal costs.

  2. A big admission against interest and a flat out lie in one. His old links do not go to his "new" web page.

  3. He MUST know that Mr Hoge is waaaay to smart to allow something so simple as jurisdiction to stall this suit. If history taught him anything, it's that Mr Hoge is always prepared when coming to court. Bill should assume that this suit has been in the planning stages for years and that nothing would be alleged that did not have significant proof. I have absolutely ZERO personal knowledge of what Mr Hoge has or doesn't have in terms of evidence to support his claims. But I've been around here long enough to know [REDACTED], which means that Fatass McBastardsen is screwed, and there is nothing he can do about it now.

    I also know that members of the horde (aka lickspittles) have 100% of the last 2-3 years of Bill Schmalfeldts online activity backed up and cataloged. Every tweet, twitter account, blog, video, digital book, paper book, podcast, court order, legal filing, email and blog comment is at Mr Hoge's finger tips. Billy, it's time to HIRE AN ATTORNEY.

    1. An attorney who will tell him, "Settle, you moron! Are you really this stupid? Settle! Whatever it takes! Settle!"

      Good advice that brain-dead Bill will just ignore.


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