15 thoughts on “That’s Not A Very Nice Thing To Say About Your Sister”

  1. He must be suffering from a particularly nasty hangover this afternoon.

    And I see that Drunkensein is hallucinating sanctions for Aaron again. It's nice to see that he's moved on from you going to jail. Again.

      1. I can't do that. i'm a sock. Count Drunkula has a sworn motion ready to file saying just that.

    1. Worst type of hangover in the world for a sociopathic moron like Schmalfeldt. It's called REALITY.

  2. So Bil gets caught lying about whether he owned the tincasa or not and his response is to hurl personal insults and NOT address his obvious lie. Makes perfect sense. If you are drunk. And stupid. And lie a lot. And an asshole.

  3. Well apparently he didn't understand that, because he claimed to still own the place in September.

    He did own a domicile in Maryland, that was his chief residence, and may still according to records if the paperwork is not complete (and may not be because of costs related to transfer of title.) Whether personalty or real-estate, he lived there during the time of his tortious actions. if he owns a residence, and neither title is recorded nor lease on the lot altered, it makes no never mind if it is personalty, what matters is his maintaining a place of residence there in his own name.

  4. It is possible to own the land under the trailer, though of course it is plain he does not; here is a short guide about transfers of mobile homes situated in a trailer-park http://www.peoples-law.org/mobile-home-sales-transfers-and-land-use-changes


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