16 thoughts on “So, Mockery Is Being Temporarily Discouraged”

  1. Let's save the mockery for when Drunkenstein is humiliated by his upcoming dismissal in Lulzsuit VI.

    1. No kidding! The guy still thinks he's winning. He thinks the Judge is still going to rule on his motion to disqualify counsel. He still thinks Grady is Krendler. And he thinks his audio child pornography is funny!

      If there is ever a human being he openly encourages his own mockery, it's him - along with a lot of "point and laugh" driveby patronage.

      1. No one has worked more diligently to earn the sobriquet of the Diminished Capacity Kid that the Fail Whale.

      2. FTR - Mockery is only temporarily suspended with respect to The Dread Pirate Kimberlin. Other members of Team Touchakid are still fair game. If this temporary suspension lasts more than four hours consult a doctor.

    2. Maybe Hoge could upload this form to his scribd, too?

    3. All of these losses makes one wonder how much help the fat freak got from its mini-mentor, and then laugh, and laugh.

  2. Mocking the tiny terrorist who the permanent, legal record shows presented not a scintilla of evidence to disprove the accusation he's a pedophile much, much too concerned about sleepovers could cause him to rethink his strategy of 'lawfare for the rest of their lives.' If the puny pedo stops the lawfare, it could be a death blow to the Streisand effect.

    What did Barbra Streisand ever do to you?!?

  3. I've begun to think of Team Kimberlin as a human ouroboros. Like the "Human Centipede" produced by Hollywood, but in a circle rather than a row with a beginning and ending.

    They feed off each other, it's all shit, and it's entirely mock-worthy.

    1. Best metaphor EVAR!

      BTW, googled "circular human centipede." Best I could find was this (SFW). Looks like someone will need to fire up Photochop if we want a depiction of the idea...

  4. I am sorry, I totally disagree with Mr Stranahan, the Puny PedoBomber deserves ALL of the Mocking that will be coming to him because of the time, energy and mental anguish that he has caused innocent people and companies. Today justice was served in the courtroom, and now needs to served on the internet.

    Someone needs to have a "Draw the Puny PedoBomber Day" and post all submissions.

    Let the Mockery and Humiliation begin!!

    PS: Damn, I wish we could still tar and feather people and ride them out of town on a rail.
    Ahhh, I yearn for the good ol' days!

  5. Based on his contemporaneous tweets, I believe Stranahan's request for a moratorium was facetious.


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