21 thoughts on “RETRACT!”

  1. It's worked so often before!

    But now Oliver Wendell Jones will have to redraft his already withdrawn Second Amended Complaint.

    1. He can't withdraw it because it was never filed.

      I move to withdraw the complaint that should have been, but was not, attached to my prohibited but now withdrawn motion for leave to file a second amended complaint because I now plan on filing amended complaint 2.2 in a new motion, which may or may not be prohibited by the court's order.

  2. ...and may even try to solicit or inspire someone to rape your wife... and you...

  3. How queer. He is reacting to something a know perjurer told him as if it's the gospel truth, but when his pedo hero himself lies in court (I was assaulted) Bill thinks it's just find and dandy. Very very queer.

    Now why would a man go out of his way to only believe what a pedo tells him?

  4. By the way, in my humble opinion what Bill did was exactly what Lee allegedly said he did.

    Bill's Friend - People should be told where Lee lives so they can go rape his wife while he is out of town.

    Bill - Here is Lee's address, a google map to his house, and pictures of the layout.

    Please Bill, even you have to admit you are a pure scumbag. For a lot of reasons but this is top of the list kind of stuff.

      1. He is ever so helpful. I'll bet the nuns just love having him there. Except the whole lights dimming as he rolly strolls down the hall thing, and the boost in the cost of the facility internet service.

    1. Handy video? Looks like he helped those that wanted to rape Lee's wife as an accomplice. Seems like Lee is correct.

  5. Some body explain to me how do you retract a statement made under oath in court?

  6. He's very concerned with how such a statement might impact his brand... Oh wait...

  7. I would like people to know that it is now 6:05 pm CDT, and the birds are still singing, people are still doing their daily business, and Lee's retraction is still nowhere to be found.

    I guess, the doom clock was a dud. Then again, we all know what kind dud is in the white-tighties of a certain DUMBFUCK..

  8. What's he going to do to Lee? Get Rauhauser's lawyer to file suit pro bono? Hint to Schmuckfeldt: that guy would piss on you, should you catch fire, but he'd charge you by the fluid ounce [or portion thereof, pro rata].

  9. The way Cabin Boy acts, you'd think Lee had fus-roh-dah'd him off a fuckin' cliff in Skyrim.

  10. I've tried to keep about $0.02 of a dollar worth of compassion towards BS. Just for humanities sake.
    Even his two day hiatus gave me hope. (but evidently he was just retooling and keeping up with legal paperwork)
    But he's back. Same Shtick, same Shit.

    I'm very much of a new thinking that BS would do humanity a favor if he murdered his legal counsel and then turned himself in.
    To think there are such fuckwits walking this earth is something I really just can't handle. (go ahead, call me a pussy)

    One thing I do know is; I NEED MORE POPCORN!
    Bill! Don't EVER CHANGE!!
    You're MOVIE worthy Gold!!

  11. We really need some background so that the more oblivious among us have some context.

    Am I gathering that Stranahan said something in court, probably making it privileged, and Witless is demanding a retraction or he'll sue for something?


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