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  1. Who wants to visit a coward? Apparently no one, which is why happy my wife died theMerryWidower spends its time stalking its betters.

    Even after the fat freak whined about no one visiting in the seven months since it fled MD, no one wanted to visit the loathsome coward.

    1. Whenever kids visit, he plays one of his "comedies" for them. It's the way his eyebrows jump up and down through the whole thing that skeeves them out.

      1. No non-despicable person brings children anywhere near the fat freak - it hasn't laid eyes on nearly all of its own grandchildren. The loathsome loser's own offspring reject it, even though the malignant monster was given a second chance after abandoning two families.

        The dementia addled FAILure begs its handlers to follow it on twitter, tries to shame its late wife's family into acknowledging its revolting existence, and spends all day, every day, on the internet, garnering restraining order after restraining order -- at least NINE so far.

        Unemployed, fired from unpaid writing positions, even fired from voluntarily promoting and collecting donations for a national charity, banned from virtually every website its ever fouled with its presence, including the Daily KOS, happy my wife died theMerryWidower is rejected again, and again, and again.

        All of these things have only one commonality, the true source of all of the freakshow's misery, and the reason its LOLsuits are all certain to FAIL: "I, William Schmalfeldt..."

        1. Very SUCCINCT analysis.

          Comprehensive, too-

          The Schmalfeldt train wreck in-progress has been so fascinating that I'd lost site of the Big Picture. So much has gone on for so long...


          And thanks, Jane.

        2. Damn, banned by Daily KOS??? I thought that was unpossible!

        3. Yup. Banned by those of his same "creed" (liberals). It was such a stinging rejection that he actually threatened one of the non-profits associated with the people who were telling him that his anal-rape fantasy was too far beyond the pale for them. Said he was going to report them or some such thing. Now where have we seen that before, hmmm?

        4. Sounds like you've got Fatty McBastardson figured. The word failure cannot be used enough when describing William D. F. Schmalfeldt, from childhood right up until his current failure of a life today. Internet tough guy.

        5. By any measure, happy my wife died theMerryWidower is a total FAILure: rejected by family, including the loathsome loser's children; no friends; subsists on taxpayer-funded income; entire estate could fit in a small pickup and most of that was purchased with the blood money the grotesque ghoul got upon the death of its poor wife, who it robbed of every bit of dignity she ever had, to selfishly bring attention to its despicable self; unemployed and unemployable; addled by dementia; uneducated; stoooooopid beyond the dementia; no talent hack; thinks combining cub scouts, sex acts, cameras, and adults, is funny, so also humorless; recently fixated on necrophilia, so even that is added to the list of its many revolting propensities...

          Seriously - can anyone think of any normal measure where the repulsive recreant isn't a total FAILure?

  2. PissedStain is probably trying to see if you've noticed his new dumbfuckery...

    Dementia is a bitch

    1. So I guess that means that if any of us were to start receiving obscene phonecalls from a blocked number (or obscene photos in comments on a blog we run) we'd just know that they were from Bill, and our local police would just into action to go after an unproven, merely alleged, criminal in another state.

      Good to know.

      1. "Grady is Krendler! His ass is mine..."
        "One of you is Krendler! You're ass is mine..."
        "Who really knows who Krendler is. I really don't care..."


        What's the phrase? Ooopsie Poopsie?

      2. Maybe he sobered up a little and realized what a huge violation of the restraining order it was. Nothing says "I'm a crazy stalker" like posting the DL of the man who is a RO against you.

    2. According to that post the man who is selling "kiddie pron" is complaining about obscene pictures. Bill your so called comedy--IMHO-- is fucking "obscene" so turn yourself in to the Feds asshole.

  3. Perhaps Witless Willie has realized that, in not too many days, he will be facing an amended or supplemented motion to dismiss.

    He can't get around the lack of subject matter jurisdiction: he has named John Does and Jane Roes as defendants, any one of whom may live in Wisconsin, thus defeating diversity. Ha, ha, and ha.

    He can't get around the lack of personal jurisdiction with respect to the served defendants, neither of whom has anything but the most exiguous ties to Wisconsin. Ha, ha, ha, and ha.

    And he has not even dreamt of the mockery that will ensue after Aaron, who is still on the case despite Willie's flailing, exhibits to the judge and the world at large Wilie's legal blunders. Ha, ha, ha, ha, and HA.

    If I were faced with impending humiliation of such magnitude, I too would be trying to reduce my exposure to other legal battles.

  4. To put it bluntly... Billy is FUCKED!
    And in trying to unFUCK himself, he is FUCKing himself up more.
    Boy is he truly FUCKed Up!!

    1. I must disagree slightly. He could for example dismiss the John Does and Jane Roes. That would eliminate one deficiency in his complaint, but would still leave more than enough to dismiss. In fact, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that neither being fucked nor being not fucked admit of degree. One either is or is not fucked. So nothing he could do could make him more fucked; he's already there.

      There are some things he could do that just might get him past a motion to dismiss (no I shall not educate any simians), but there is nothing he can do that leads to victory.

      1. I slightly disagree you statement.

        I think we all agree that Billy is Fucked up. And we all can agree that Billy is Fucked because he is going to lose big time in his latest clusterfuck lawsuit. But I believe Billy is going to be a higher degree of Fucked because he posted a pic of Grady's DL will having a RO against him by Grady.

        See I believe there are several degrees of Fucked, ie: "You're Fucked!", "Oh! You're really Fucked now!" and "You're so Fucked you had might as well legally change your name to BITCH!!"

        1. I can see that we have a FUNDAMENTAL disagreement on the meaning of "being fucked." About definitions, there is no objective basis for decision. I suggest that, like civilized folk, we agree to disagree. (I am not implying that you are uncivilized; I am merely not claiming that status without any evidence other than my say-so.)

      2. I think you are overlooking the fact that the judge has ordered the halting of filing any motions, except emergency motions. Another amended complaint at this time would NOT be an emergency motion, so Bill is stuck will the First Amended Complaint. Yes, he is fucked big time.

        1. Agile

          You are of course quite correct about what the judge has ordered. Little things like that, however, do not stop Witless Willie. In any case, the judge may grant a request from Willie to file an amended complaint despite her previous order. She seems to be giving Willie plenty of rope to hang himself, and the rules do encourage liberality in granting such amendments.

  5. JeffM,
    Don't worry about it, disagreements among gentleman happen every day. We agree to disagree upon a certain topic, and continue communicating on everything else, like civilized people.


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