Oh, How Thweet!


Thome limp-writhted, minthing weathel thinkth I’m thcaaaaared of him becauthe he’th afraid to tell people about hith truetht, betht thelf!

Becauthe NOBODY loveth homothexthualth like he loveth homothexthualth!

It’th okay, really, DUMBFUCK.  Like I’ve thaid before, tell the truth – no one with think any leth of you, becauthe really, no one could.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Oh, How Thweet!”

  1. If that shirt doesn't say, "I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm totally out of the closet!", then nothing ever will...

    Well, that, and the little black pork pie hat...

  2. Is someone not cutting or trimming his white whiskers and hair because he wants to be a mall Santa this coming Christmas? We should print flyers and put them up around St Francis - KIDS BEWARE THIS ISN'T SANTA.

    1. The one who can probably (lol) post one nearest to the Canticle and Juniper Courts admin's office WINS the pool!

  3. You know, someone should tell him to not post photos that _scream_ "batshit crazy" onto the internet.

    On the other hand, my suggestion for the first poster caption: "Step one: Collect underpants. Step two: Step three: Profit!"

      1. Well, it's electric so he wasn't pouring the JWR into the Scooty-Puff (it's Red! Vroom!)

  4. Paul,
    Is it just me or did Billy just invite you to play with him using a feather?

    Is that some kind of ChoMo code word?

  5. Many, many times many in the horde have opined that self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower couldn't possibly sink lower, couldn't possibly be more addled by dementia, couldn't possibly be more stoooooopid, and couldn't possibly be more depraved, couldn't possibly be more reviled, and yet, time after time, the depraved DUMBF5CK manages to exceed even it own loathsome depths.

    And the grotesque ghoul will never stop digging.


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