7 thoughts on “Just Because It’s All Death-Threaty And Such”

  1. Yes indeed. Death Threat Eleventy!!1!11. Because we all know that little tiny fuzzy kittehs can trhow anyone out any window at any time.

    Right. 🙂

    1. Ours can, at least that's what they've told us.

      Reminds me of that old saw about dogs having owners, and cats have servants. They all have that 'tude.

  2. Speaking of threats.... DOOM CLOCK!


    1. Or what? bwahahahaha I can't believe anyone has ever taken self-described 'happy my wife died' theMerry Widower's ridiculous ultimatums seriously.

      You'd think that sooner or later, the loathsome loser would catch on and stop humiliating itself that way, but the grotesque ghoul is dementia addled and has no self-awareness.

  3. You didn't really need to add the words to that image, just the picture of a Cute Kitteh is a "DEATH THREAT"..

    I bet if Billy was sitting on his ScooterPuff and he saw that picture, it would scare him so much, his asshole would create a vacuum and suck the ScooterPuff up into his lower colon.


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