10 thoughts on “Isn’t Repetition A Sign of Senility or Something?”


    On another another note, how could anyone have violated Drunkenstein's copyright on Lynn Thomas Unmasked and Confessions of an internet Troll when he stridently denied authorship of both for weeks and months?

    1. "... when he stridently denied authorship of both for weeks and months"

      Along with the numerous, deceitful denials (read: lies) courtesy of his co-conspirator and co-defendant Wee Wee Willie:


      Fifi Fergie sure has a disturbing obsession with chickens.

      Wonder how he feels about them coming home to roost. Heh!

  2. In other words, he's validating that he purposely harassed Lynn Thomas, and he's validating that he purposely stole copyrighted material.

    I love it when you try your cases on the internet! It's like he wants us to peek into his constant failure.

  3. When Mr. Hoge amends his complaint based on information obtained and developed during the course of the litigation I would imagine he will do so properly and in a manner that places a number of nails in a number of coffins. Unlike others we all know so well.

    1. I doubt The Pre-Eminent Foreseer of Proceedings will need to amend his complaint. I expect any nails that need further driving will receive it in motions practice and at trial.

  4. @_wjjhoge? Didn't Mr. Hoge already tell The BLOB not to contact him anymore?

    1. No, no, "legal purpose". Defendants are allowed to pester the plaintiff endlessly. When it's Bill defending.

  5. The cross-pollination between the two LOLSUITS is gonna be pretty damn funny.

    Remember how Billy shit himself when his "Letter to the Judge" (using his "Parkinson's" for pity) was used as an exhibit in the latest LOLSUIT? Billy's admissions in one place will quickly turn to bite his fat ass in the present pair of LOLSUITS. No surprise there: sociopathic liars as stupid as Bill Schmalfeldt never can keep their lies straight.


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