16 thoughts on “I’m Just Gonna Leave This Right Here”

  1. Gee, it certainly LOOKS like someone subjected himself to the jurisdiction of Maryland, don't it?

    Yet Drunkenstien still maintains that all he gave up was the back of his hand.

  2. Meanwhile, DUMBFUCK writes violent fantasies like this

    "It’s like what would happen if George Foreman in his prime stepped into the ring against Michael Richards. Foreman would pound Richards into an unrecognizable mass of goo. Krendler, once reduced to said goo responds with, “Lookit how I made he monkey dance! Dance, Monkey!” And his small coterie of mouth breathers lay palm branches in the path of the ambulance taking the broken, bloody mass of one-time humanity to a major trauma center."

    and wonders why there are 9 ROs against him. 😛

    1. Well, you know, he SHOULD be confident. After all, in lawsuits he has filed that survived motions to dismiss, he's unbeaten.

    2. Nice demonstration of creating a clunky simile then just dumping it to air your fetish fantasies.
      Guess they don't teach that at the GS-12 level classes.

      Anyone else ever notice how he always manages to slip in the phrase "retired from the NIH"? Guess it sounds lots better than "worked at the NIH for my usual 18-months then dumped out with my PD story and they signed off on it because 18 months is the usual period it takes for a job to figure me out and then so disgusted with me they'll do anything to get me gone.".

    3. "It's like what would happen if Schamfart stepped into the ring with a toddler. That toddler would beat Schmafart bloody and then ram a baseball bat up his ass. Schamfart, thus reduced to a steaming(er) pile of slovokian horse shit would respond with. "UNDEFEATED!" And pretty much no one would have any pity on the gelatinous mass of horse shit as he's scraped off the ring and flushed down an industrial strength garbage disposal."

      no one wonders where he's going after he dies.

  3. Oopsie! Then again, he's not very careful with things he signs. Like letters to people with restraining orders against him.

  4. I am pretty sure that is not Willie's signature: it looks too much like his signature to be his signature.

  5. So now he's whining that John Hoge "stole" .. or rather.. "used without permission".. graphics from his own website. I don't want to educate the monkey, but he seriously just gave away his case.

    It's like, "Wow, just wow.. Bravo, DUMBFUCK!!"

    1. But I thought "I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?!?!" was a perfectly legit defense in legal proceedings...

  6. So Bill Schmalfeldt has now publicly admitted he is the owner and creator of that Lynn Thomas Unmasked website? That will be SO helpful to Lynn when she needs to renew her restraining order. He did say Hoge "stole" that header image "from a blog of mine."

    I'm starting to think Bill is immortal, since I don't see any other way someone can shoot themselves in the head this much, and still be rolly-walking around.

    1. Well, AD, you have to remember that he's been shooting blanks for many years.


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