10 thoughts on “If You’re Starting To Think Bill Schmalfeldt Is Kind of Stupid”

  1. Dumb fuck is beyond stupid. Even a stupid idiot leans not to touch a stove that is hot. The ass who is glad his wife is dead whom he abused her by taking photos of her as she was wasting away and emailing said photos to strangers on the internet, is incapable of learning.

    1. Oh, happy my wife died theMerryWidower didn't limit its repugnant self to just emailing those photos of her in her underwear, in a hospital gown, and near death. The grotesque ghoul also publicly posted those images, and blogged incessantly, clearly enjoying describing every mortifying detail of her suffering.

  2. The ironic thing is, no matter how far behind you are in thinking he's "Kind of Stupid", a good 20 minutes on Google and you're caught up with the rest of the pack. Join the point and laugh party!

  3. We've all had moments when we think "I wonder what would happen if I..." In Bill's case, he not only thinks of lots of scenarios that the rest of us would not, he actually does these things.

    Poor decision making joined at the hip with impulse control. I really wish he would admit that there's a big problem and see a professional. He can make all his troubles go away easily.

    1. That's just it, Dave. He can't stop. Part of it is poor impulse control, part of it is hubris, part of it is evil, and part of it is stupidity. He could have put it all behind him when he moved to WI, but he couldn't let it go, and was harassing people again within a month.

      He won't stop on his own; it will take a Deb Frisch solution....

  4. The loathsome loser has always been stupid - look at what it has to show for its wasted existence - and now that incredible stooooopid is exacerbated by dementia.

    If the fat freak had any intelligence before the dementia, it would have known what the dementia would bring, and taken appropriate steps. Instead, apparently because it doesn't understand that 'executive functioning' means, in essence, being able to think and reason, the grotesque ghoul appears to tell itself it has some sort of *special* dementia.


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