Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

If DUMBFUCK should ever wonder if His Accurate Reflection will stop anytime soon, here’s a great way to get an idea:

  1. Print out the post he raged together last night
  2. Wander down to the common room
  3. Go back to the Mangina Cave and brush his teeth because nobody loves the smell of whiskey-breath at the crack of noon
  4. Back to the common room
  5. Introduce himself to any complete stranger (really, anyone would do, since he never seems to leave the Mangina Cave)
  6. Ask that stranger to read the rage-post
  7. Ask the stranger if he thinks the author of that post is crazy and should leave those poor people alone for God’s sake
  8. Disregard the advice of the stranger
  9. Go back to the Mangina Cave, dox that stranger and get him kicked out of the home.


And just for the sake of clarification:  It’s not a matter of “it’s OK when they do it, but not when a DUMBFUCK does it…”

It’s not OK when I do it.

Remember, DUMBFUCK:  Your game.  Your rules. It’s OK – BECAUSE YOU DO IT.

If you don’t like your rules being used against you, well…they’re your rules.

Change them.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Damn, that latest post is off the psycho charts, even on Billy's scale!
    Hope someone's screencapped that ish. Definitely will be useful to civil or criminal law authorities eventually.

  2. Many years ago I read some of the stuff put together by the clearly crazy -- those claiming to have alien implants, the folks who see lint on their skin and think they have a weird fungal infection, etc.

    None of them ever reached the level of lunacy Bill did on that post.

    And it's amusing how he keeps reprinting the stuff he finds so offensive.

  3. Self-described happy my wife died theMerryWidower should go ahead and check into a mental institution to spare its loathsome self the humiliation of being dragged to the mental health facility.

    Of course it will ignore this advice, continue to believe that it has *special* dementia, and it's the rest of the world with a problem.

    I wonder if the footage of it being taken into custody from the current facility will be available...

  4. I linked this in the last post, but I'm including it here, because Bill just keeps proving this applies to him:

    "It's not my fault! They made me do it." I never said such a thing." Pathological liar, and blaming his outrageous behavior on others.

    1. The grotesque ghoul's abuse of that family has been the impetus for many joining the horde. So what does the dementia addled freak do? Doubles down on the same thing, virtually ensuring the growth of the horde the loathsome loser hates.

      And it whined about posts by LS, who has done his best to ignore the malignant monster for years. Notice something in all of those posts by LS? None of them are about anything other than self-described happy my wife died theMerryWidower's stalking and abuse.

    1. It will never accept the plain fact that this site is nothing but a mirror to reflect the fat freak's malicious actions back on its repulsive self. That latest lengthy screed is the grotesque ghoul literally begging for a parody replacing its willful misunderstanding of the circumstances of the loss of the baby with self-described happy my wife died theMerryWidower's ever-changing story regarding its poor wife's health.

      She died all alone, you know. The malignant monster was busy with something more important - graphically describing her death rattle and other humiliating details of her suffering on the internet.

      1. Just look at the vile garbage the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt REPEATEDLY posts on HIS VERY OWN BLOGS about his "beloved" Gail:

        HEY, NANCY! HEY, REBECCA! Your "dear, sweet, kind, caring, loving, devoted" Bill needs some of your defending. See how awesome he is to your dearly departed sister/aunt?

        He's just the best, ain't he?


  5. This tatnrum post by Dumbfuck is a wonderful admission of one of his most favorite lies.

    For the incident where he threatened or encouraged the rape of LS's wife, he has always and frequently trotted out his tale of the cops showing up at the tincase and showing them his computer and lo and behold, there's nothing threatening or nasty on the computer. Sure do look like poor old PD Schmalfeldt is driven-snow innocent doesn't it?

    Or does it?

    I've seen him post the police report before, at least some of it, the parts he has higlighted now that show the cop perusing his screen and finding no threat there. I don't know how many times he has recited this series of events then wailed about his put upon innocence and those vile harassers, mostly during his poor little victim Bill phases.

    Now I may very easily be wrong, but I think this post may the first time he has posted the whole thing without his usual strategic cuts. This version includes the follow on paragraphs where the cop then talks to the victime (LS) and notes that the threats happened several days before. Of course there's nothing on Dumbfuck's screen. You'd have to check the comments or tweets from several days ago.

    Dumbfuck's grand protest of innocence is demonstrated by himself to be bereft of all credibiliy and relevance by his huge tantrum post. The cop visit doesn't mean a thing so hopefully he shut the hell up about it (faint hope that).

    1. Yeah, that protestation never made any sense to anyone not addled by dementia. Like the fat freak, known for mass deleting evidence its foul internet presence, is going to show the officer what it actually wrote.

  6. I started to read that posting by the despicable slug Billy, but when I got to the part where he regurgitates his prior screed about Lee's dead child, I had to stop, because I just ate lunch and wanted to keep it in my stomach.

    I find it hard to describe the vileness, the inhumanity that he displays in every word and action. I mean, I think Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson are saints compared to Billy, he is that low of a human.

    I think a dried corncob up the bung hole, sideways (repeatedly, with a rotating torquing action) is still too nice of a treatment that he deserves.


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