Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

It seems (now there’s a rhetorical crutch for ya!) that The Truth Tribune has vanished again in cloud of REBRANDING! How queer (rhetorical crutch redux).


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. If our Roy is correct, well, it's about time. Anyone who gets NINE restraining orders entered against them deserve more than a call from LE.

    1. I can think of three very reasonable possibilities:
      1. The cops you say spoke to "Krendler" didn't actually speak to "Krendler."
      2. The cops you say spoke to "Krendler" didn't actually speak to ANYBODY.
      3. You're a DUMBFUCK.

      Embrace the power of AND.

      1. So:
        1. Bill goes down and asks the cops to talk to Grady, without any proof that Grady = Krendler.
        2. Cops have no interest in being used as 3rd party harassers, having read Grady's RO.
        3. Cops do the metaphorical equivalent to patting Bill on the head, saying "Of course we'll talk to Krendler", and as soon as he has left the station/hung up the phone, they try not to sprain their lulz muscles too much.

        Plausible, no?

    2. Had to come looking for the "Krendler" stalker. That's a strange sort of stalking when one has to pursue direct communication.

    3. Hey fucker: when you show up at places you're not wanted LIKE THIS WEBPAGE, then YOURE the stalker, DUMBFUCK.

  1. On Saturday, Bill Schmalfeldt said:

    "When have I EVER sent an unsolicited e-mail to someone that was WORSE that an overhead shot of a man sexually defiling a recently autopsied corpse? When have I ever done anything CLOSE to that?"

    How about when he sent an unsolicited email to someone with a grotesque picture of his dying wife? A corpse is, by definition, dead - a living person was not being defiled. But he defiled his wife's privacy, integrity and memory when he took that picture and sent it to people he (and she) had never meet. It was likely illegal to do so, as it violated HIPPA rules and there is no proof of her consent. And he did it twice! Once when he sent it to a bunch of Maryland LEOs, and a second time when he sent it to a corporate inbox. Yes, defiling a corpse is bad - defiling your dying wife is MUCH worse.

    As Bill said (in that same blog post):

    "But I’m responsible for the things I said and the things I did. I take full responsibility."

    He should take full responsibility for publicly defiling his dying wife - nobody else sent out that gross photo. The sad, twisted, sick, evil fuck that he is.


  2. If you want to see your punctuation again, put 400 quatloos in a brown paper Kline bottle and leave it on the outside of your neighborhood Mobius loop.

      1. of course you're punctuation is alive, I've put all of them to work in my romance novel sweat shop and I can get them back any time I want. All I need do is put up with a couple of typos in my Hearts Afire and Throbbing Desire series books and they'll back in your keyboard safe and sound. Now cough up the quatloos.

        1. fine.

          good luck typing italics, bold, or quotes anytime soon. Hahahahahahahaha

          I might even sell some into servitude with a certain GS-umtpy ump level auteur editor who will abuse them in unspeakable ways.



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