Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

You are less than the sweat dripping from a stinking skunk vagina. And anyone who tells you that publishing a man’s home address and suggesting that his wife should be raped while he is out of town was humorous is also less than the sweat dripping off a stinking skunk vagina.

Only someone who is less than the sweat dripping off a stinking skunk vagina would take a heart-felt personal moment, shared with people who love him, a death in childbirth, and turn it into an online spectacle. Do you think I’m the person you should be lecturing about karmic payback, DUMBFUCK?

Have you checked a mirror lately?

Thank you for letting the world know when, where and how someone close to you became sick and died, so we can help you remember every word you wrote, every picture you photoshopped, every meme you created, every profane thing you have ever done to cause people more pain over the death of an innocent baby. I’m so glad that you can’t shut your piehole about your wife and just let her rest in peace. It’s so wonderful that we get to share in every lurid, dignity-stripping detail of the suffering that you spewed across the Internet.

You Germans have a lovely word: Schadenfreude.

Your pain is delicious. What really provides the garnish, however, what really makes me savor it, is that added sprinkle of each time you have tried and failed to manufacture pain in others for your own satisfaction. As if it will somehow salve the physical, mental and emotional brokenness that you drag behind you like Jacob Marley’s chains (yes, I know it’s April…bite me). Your lifelong legacy of failure makes me smile.

I’m sure THE LAW is hard at work determining the provenance of whatever bullshit you’ve dreamed up this time, DUMBFUCK, in between doughnuts and coffee and investigating real crime. I could tell you what’s to be done, but you wouldn’t believe me. I guess you’ll just have to be surprised when you try the same stupidity and get the same result, Einstein. There’s nothing I can do to you that would be as painful and punishing as you deserve, DUMBFUCK.

The only reason you have two ex-wives who regret knowing you is because the third one died first. All your children have abandoned you. Your sister is ashamed of you and only speaks to you because of Catholic guilt. Even your Amazon Vagina Warrior Princesses no longer defend you, and they all dread the day you get yourself tossed out of your apartment and come begging for a place to stay.

And you did it all to yourself. You had the power to stop in the palm of your hand. And now the karmic payback is rising around you like sewage from a flooded storm drain. I do hope you are enjoying the rich reward you have earned.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Well now. There is not much more to be said than this. Well, and that Bill Schmalfeldt always, ALWAYS projects.

    1. As always, you start with the conclusion, assume it's fact, and warp the evidence to fit the truth you have already decided on. Look up "confirmation bias," you DUMBFUCK.

      Why aren't you asking the person who sent it?

      1. Seriously. If you were so offended that I overshared, why did you read it. My oversharing -- as you see it -- had nothihg to do with you. It didn't mention you, it didn't refer to you. It was me documenting a major event. You are using it as an excuse to do what you do, and that is cover good, clean things with your filth and misery.

        alea iacta est

        1. So, you rolled snake eyes. How prophetic. And I'm sure the cops will find no trace of your finding and sending that photo on your hard drive? Betcha they do, Viper. It's comin' down fast, and you are going to be covered in it. Just wait. Whatever possessed you to cross the line between legal but offensive taunting into illegal sending of unsolicited necrophilia pictures? How will you defend that?

        2. I can't even imagine what it's like to have as much pointless free time as Shakey. Between LOLsuits and pestering law enforcement with false reports, maintaining Internet radio stations, blogs, and Twitter accounts (and laughably trying to memory hole and rebrand them regularly,) Shakey is astoundingly capable of squandering the ultimate worldly resource granted by God: time. I would look upon years of pure, unencumbered time as a huge opportunity to make the wold a better place, if even a little. I would look upon such an opportunity with gratefulness. But not you, Shakey. Your remaining days are filled with impotent rage, thrashing about and failing again and again for the amusement of others. When you stare into the abyss of empty, painful, merciless time, and the cure at the end that is extremely unlikely to result in salvation, it must be terrifying. This does not end well for you, Bill.

    1. Same question for you, DUMBFUCK: Who forces you to read anything we're writing? Maybe if you stopped seeking out BUTTHURT, you'd stop being BUTTHURT.

  2. And, who, may I point out, brought this to light again?

    If your late wife's memory is so sacred, why would you focus attention on material you claim to despise?

    Attention-seeking much?

  3. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt wrote:

    "Why did you send that picture?"

    BS's faux outrage and whining over that picture is identical to his faux outrage and whining over that vile turdsrfood site. He had the ability and the control over getting that foul site taken down from the very day he "discovered" it. In fact, he was repeatedly encouraged to do so by many members of The Horde. The fact he took so long to do so is quite telling. The fact he continues to post screenshots from that site speaks volumes.

    Based on BS's history of photoshopping pornographic images, forging email headers, and whatnot, it seems quite clear he, too, has control over receiving disgusting pictures via email.

    BS demands others respect the memory of his deceased wife while he continues to defile her and her life, illness, and death by relentlessly posting horrific images of her on his blog and Twitter account. This is not the behavior of a "soulmate" nor a mentally-stable human being.

    This is the behavior of a narcissistic, evil, subhuman goon.

    If BS had ever, at any point during the time in which we have been aware of his existence, shown even a shred of respect for his "beloved" then maybe... just maybe... he would be afforded some benefit of the doubt with regards to being the recipient of such an offensive image.

    But, alas...

    1. DING DING DING........We have a winner!!! Great analysis Grace.

      Bill is the ONE & ONLY person responsible for images of his dying wife being released on the internet. No one else had any access to her hospital room or her bed back home. Bill is the person to blame for taking the photos. Bill is the person to blame for releasing the photos. He chose to use those photos as a weapon in HIS flamewar by emailing them to ANYONE. He never once thought about the dignity of his dying wife, only about his own selfish motives. The end of a loved ones life is a very difficult time for all involved. But one of the most important things to consider is the dignity of your dying loved one. Bill only thought about himself.

      1. Gmta - we're on the same revolting page, theman9876. No matter what lies the reprehensible monster tells itself now, or how it tries to deny what the grotesque ghoul did to its poor, dying wife, no decent* woman agrees to photos of her in her underwear being posted publicly, and no woman agrees to near death photos being posted.

        *Of course, the fat freak also tried to paint her as less than decent, by publicly describing the first time they met as including sex, and describing her as being concerned that it was 'yet another one-night-stand.'


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