19 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. Kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle! You put that / back in the close tag right now, or I'm going to demand it again, maybe RANDOMLY using ALL CAPS, and maybe even throw in some threats that just make me even more look ridiculous!

      Don't. make. me. use. extra. periods. Kyle.

      1. I'll give back your punctuation when a dumptruck full of quatloos in my front yard. I told Dave and he wouldn't play ball. So now all your punctuation is chained to a press in Oxnard pushing out steamy romance novels until I get what's coming to me.

        1. You know Krendler takes every quatloo John pays me for commenting!

          I'm serious, Kyle. I will demand again, AND randomly use ALL CAPS, make ridiculous and self-humiliating threats, and if that doesn't get through to you, then I'll have no. choice. but. to. insert. a. period. after. every. word.

          Notice how in the above paragraph I've already done everything I've threatened? I read somewhere these tactics never fail... hahaha

        1. I like my women the same way I like my sentences. Well-formed, with good colon usage and regular periods.

  1. I find mention of colons, in a post about Bill talking shit, to be ...... disturbing.

    But the, I find Bill to be disturbing.

  2. Gotta love it when Billy gets a taste of his own medicine...

  3. I think maybe he served in the Navy as one of the elite Whataho shit-talkers. They were able to communicate securely because the enemy couldn't stand listening to their endless BS.


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